Does he like you?


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    First do you have a crush/bf?

    • No but I want to have
    • No
    • Yes
    • Yes but I lost interest in him
    • Hell no I don’t have that’s why I’m here duhh.
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    How do you feel about him?

    • I don’t really know
    • Sometimes I like him. Sometimes I don’t
    • I have a small crush on him
    • I like him
    • I love him
  • Question of

    Where did you meet him?

    • Neighborhood
    • My childhood bestie
    • Online
    • My beasties friend
    • School
  • Question of

    If you answered “school” at the last question then where do you seat I’m class?

    • At the very end at the row he is at
    • At the other side of the classroom
    • Behind him
    • Next to him but in the other row
    • Next to him
  • Question of

    How much of the scale of 10 do you like him?

    • 7/10
    • 5/10
    • 10/10
    • 9/10
    • 8/10
  • Question of

    Do you think he likes you?

    • N-O
    • Not really
    • Hell yeah he’s always flirting with me
    • I don’t know that why I took this test you dumb dumb
    • Yeah I think
  • Question of

    How often do you talk to him?

    • Never
    • Sometimes
    • Every day
    • Occasionally
    • We just say “hi”
  • Question of

    Do you get along with his friends?

    • I’m not so sure
    • Yep
    • Not really
    • Well so-so
    • Yes it think
  • Question of

    What is his personality(the most closest)?

    • Well I’m not sure
    • Flirt, hot, bad boy
    • Smart, cool, fun
    • Trustworthy, shy, silly
    • I don’t know I don’t really know him personally
  • Question of

    At last…. Final question girls! How did you beastie react when you told her?

    • Overjoyed that you have a crush
    • No comment
    • I didn’t tell her yet
    • Jealous that you like the same person as her
    • Glad that you had a crush

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