Does he like me? GIRLS ONLY!

  • Question of

    Does he know you?

    • I don’t know
    • NO:(
    • Yes!
    • He knows my name
  • Question of

    Are you friends with him?

    • YES were BESTIES!
    • Sort off
    • I’m more of a backup
    • He doesn’t even know me:(
  • Question of

    We all hate this question but…Does he have a girlfriend?

    • YES:(
    • It’s long distance
    • No XD
    • There off and on
    • I don’t know
  • Question of

    How long have you known him?

    • A few months
    • A few weeks
    • He doesn’t know me:(
    • Since we were babies
    • I’m not sure
  • Question of

    Are there any signs he likes you? for example stares at you, starts the conversations, wants to be closer to you, sits up straight, acts shy and nervous around you, etc?

    • None of those
    • I’m not sure
    • YES he does all those and more!
    • Half of them
  • Question of

    Do you think he likes you? BE HONEST?

    • Yes 100%
    • NO:(
    • Maybe
    • I’m not sure
  • Question of

    Has he?

    • None of these:(
    • Touched you
    • Held your hand
    • Kissed you
    • Hugged you
  • Question of

    How much do you like him? 1-5?

    • 4
    • 3
    • I LOVE HIM A 5
    • 2
    • 1! why am I even taking this quiz?
  • Question of

    Which of these describes him?

    • Average
    • Shy
    • Player
    • Fun personality
    • F-BOY
  • Question of

    Last question! If you asked him to do something for you would he do it?

    • YES he loves me
    • I guess
    • I’m not sure
    • NO:(
    • It depends
  • Question of

    Does he look at you when you’re not looking?

    • No.
    • Sometimes.
    • All the time.
    • Only when I look at him.
  • Question of

    When you talk to him, where does he look?

    • I guess at my boobs.
    • My eyes.
    • My mouth.
    • Away.
    • We never talk.
  • Question of

    Has he ever touched you? As in touching your leg, arm, hand, hair, face, etc.?

    • Every now and then.
    • Yeah.
    • Nope.
  • Question of

    Do you think he likes to meet you?

    • I am not sure if it’s because of me but he seems happy whenever I meet him.
    • Yes, a lot.
    • No, he shows no such signs, just seems normal.
  • Question of

    Are you good friends?

    • Yeah, we can talk about anything.
    • Not really.
    • We’re best friends.
  • Question of

    Does he have a girlfriend? Or did he make one ever since you two got to know each other?

    • No!
    • I don’t know.
    • Yes!
  • Question of

    Does he flirt with you?

    • Not really.
    • Yes!
    • Once or twice.
  • Question of

    What do you two talk about when you are with him?

    • I don’t talk much, he does keep talking about random stuff.
    • About each other.
    • We don’t talk much when we are together, very little.
  • Question of

    Does he call you beautiful, gorgeous, etc.?

    • Non-stop.
    • Never.
    • Once.
  • Question of

    How do you mostly communicate with each other?

    • We text a lot.
    • We talk over phone a lot.
    • Face to face a lot.

‘Does He Like Me?’ Quiz (GIRLS ONLY!)

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