Does He Like You?

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    Does your crush know of your existence?

    • Um, I think he does?
    • Yeah, we’re a big part of each other’s lives.
    • Of course!
    • We’ve only known each other for a short while, but he’s VERY aware of who I am.
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    Has he ever acted hostile to guys who flirt with you?

    • Nope
    • Once or twice
    • Sometimes
    • Always
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    Are you and your crush close?

    • Sadly, no
    • Yes, in a sibling-type way
    • Physically: yes. Emotionally: no.
    • I feel like our souls knew each other before we were born.
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    When you two are going to the same event, does he text you several times to make sure you’re coming?

    • Uh, we don’t usually go to the same events.
    • Sometimes
    • Never
    • Always
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    How long have you known your crush?

    • A few weeks
    • Several years
    • Six months or less
    • Six weeks, but they’ve been the best six weeks of my life!
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    How often does he text you?

    • Never
    • A few times a week
    • Every Saturday night
    • Daily
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    Have you ever caught your crush staring at you?

    • No, but that would be so dope!
    • Yes, but it was because I had mustard on my face.
    • He stares at certain … sections of me.
    • I often catch him staring, which makes him blush!
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    Does your crush tease you?

    • No. He’s sort of depressingly polite with me.
    • Yes. Our group has a few in-jokes about every member.
    • Yeah, but it’s not that different from the way he teases the other people he flirts with.
    • He teases me about everything and I love it!
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    Is your crush already in a relationship?

    • I’m not sure.
    • Yes, but it’s not serious.
    • Yes and it is serious.
    • No, he’s definitely single.
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    Has your crush ever given you a gift?

    • Does ‘bringing in doughnuts for the whole office’ count?
    • He gives me fuzzy socks every Christmas.
    • He’s bought me drinks?
    • Once he surprised me with a gift-wrapped package of my favorite snacks.
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    When you post content on social media, does your crush like it?

    • We’re only connected on LinkedIn.
    • Yeah, if he thinks it’s funny
    • No. And sometimes, he even untags himself from photos I’ve taken of us!
    • Yes, he likes every pic I post.
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    Is your crush really flirty one day, then really distant the next day?

    • No. He’s always distantly nice.
    • Nope. He’s always the same guy in our interactions.
    • (Sigh.) Yes, and it hurts my feelings a lot.
    • Nah. My crush doesn’t run hot and cold on me.
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    Does he ever compliment you?

    • Once he said, ‘Nice hat.’
    • He usually just says gruff stuff, like ‘Good job, kid.’
    • If I’m wearing something racy, he says, ‘Love the outfit.’
    • He praises my ideas, my jokes, my purse … virtually everything!
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    Has your crush ever talked about what it would be like if you two dated?

    • No. We haven’t, uh, actually had many conversations.
    • Kind of. He jokes about how we’re like an old married couple.
    • Yes, but the ‘joke’ is how unlikely it would be for us to date
    • Yes. He obviously thinks we’d be the best couple ever!
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    Does your crush remember random facts about you, like your birthday or your pet’s name?

    • No, and it’s tragic to me!
    • Yes, but he should know those things since we’ve been friends for hundreds of years.
    • No, he never remembers stuff like that, even after I’ve told him several times.
    • Yes! He even remembers totally irrelevant stuff, like my grandmother’s maiden name.

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