Does He Like You Back?

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    When you hand him something…

    • I always brush against his hand. It’s really soft
    • He tries to grab my hand
    • I’ve felt his hand once or twice. But that’s cuz I made the effort 🙂
    • I’ve never touched his hand. He hands things to me carefully at a distance
    • I don’t give him stuff, so I never get the chance
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    Does he seem embarrased around you?

    • yeah, he’s all shy and blushing. He’s just a shy person in general, though
    • Yes. He doesn’t say much, which is unusual cuz he’s usually really talkative
    • Maybe a little bit
    • No, he’s totally himself
    • I don’t talk to him
    • I’m not really sure
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    What do your friends think?

    • They keep telling me he likes me, but I’m not convinced
    • They think he only likes me as a friend
    • They’ve never seen the two of us together
    • He acts different whenever my friends are with me, so they don’t have a correct opinion
    • They haven’t said anything. I haven’t asked, though
    • They think he doesn’t like me 🙁
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    What about other girls?

    • He has a girl friend 🙁
    • He has a girlfriend, but he’s told me he wants to break up
    • He flirts with other girls occasionally.
    • He talks to other girls. Not that flirty, though
    • I’m the only girl he talks to
    • He doesn’t talk to any girls. Not me, either
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    What do his friends think of you, and what do you think of them?

    • His friends think of me as just another girl.
    • His friends are ok with me.. but they looked at me, once or twice.
    • His friends are cool with me, I guess. I hang around him enough for them to be cool with me..
    • His friends.. don’t like me at the most.. I don’t think they like me though.
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    Any other girls in his life?

    • His other girls that are his friends.. and yeahh, maybe more.. least I get to know who they are though.
    • Well, I don’t know if you call her a ‘girl’ but yeah, that thing that people call a ‘girl’
    • Nope
    • I’m not really sure.
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    How often do you talk?

    • Sometimes. And sometimes I think we flirt a little
    • He teases me.
    • Maybe a little ‘hey’ sometimes.
    • Yeah we talk. Maybe everyday.
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    Be honest, and look deep inside of you… how much do you like him?

    • Well. after everything we’ve been through
    • I like him
    • I like him
    • I’m in Love
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    What would you do/feel if he kissed you?

    • Never
    • I would be a little freaked, yet feel awesome! oh my, life like that would be good!
    • We’d be making out all night and forever on.
    • I would be so happy! and maybe kiss him back.
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    What do you think of your relationship with him?

    • I think he likes me
    • We are nearly going out!
    • Idk if he likes me. that’s why I’m taking this quiz.
    • We’re cool, we’re buddies.
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    Okay, so this is on every quiz but that’s because it’s an obvious sign! Does he ever stare at you?

    • I don’t know
    • Yeah, he’ll look at me and when I catch him he looks away and blushes
    • No, I don’t even think he knows me
    • Yeah, but only when I’m talking to him. he doesn’t really look at me any differently then anyone else
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    Does he ever try to get your attention?

    • Oh yeah, he always has to have my attention on him!
    • I told you he doesn’t know me!
    • Yep, he always try to get my attention.
    • Yep, he has to have my attention or he’ll get really frustrated!
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    Does he ever try to make you laugh?

    • Yeah, all the time!!
    • Yeah, so much that it gets kinda annoying cuz he’s not that funny
    • Sometimes, but he’s just a funny person in general
    • Occasionally
    • Not really. When he’s around me he doesn’t really say anything
    • I wish
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    Do you ever catch him staring at you?

    • Yes
    • Yeah, a lot. But then I look back and he looks away
    • I think i did once
    • no
    • sometimes i imagine him staring at me
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    How does he try to get your attention?

    • By saying hi
    • by asking me a question/making a comment about something that happened in class
    • By saying something funny
    • by kicking/something else slightly violent
    • He doesn’t try to get my attention
    • Other
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    How smiley is he?

    • He smiles all the time at everyone including me
    • He smiles quite often when I’m with him. I don’t know how much he smiles when I’m not around, cuz, obviously, I’m not there to see
    • He smiles at a lot of stuff I say, but he’ll laugh at other things, too
    • He smiles rarely, so it’s very special and cute
    • I’ve seen him smiling at other people a lot, but when I’m with him he usually doesn’t seem overly happy
    • He is depressed and suicidal. At least whenever I see him
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    Do you two text?

    • Yes, he usually starts it
    • Yes, I usually start it
    • Yes, it’s split evenly between who starts it
    • Occasionally, when I/he has something important to say
    • We have each other’s numbers, but no, we don’t text
    • No. (answer next question for the reason)
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    If you answered no to the previous question, answer this. Otherwise, just skip it.

    • One/both of us doesn’t have a phone
    • I don’t have a phone. He has asked for my
    • Neither has ever asked for the others number
    • Cuz he wouldn’t want to text me
    • Other
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    Does he ever give you stuff?

    • Yeah, simple stuff like pieces of food or pencils
    • Yeah, he buys me stuff/brings stuff especially for me
    • Occasionally he’s given me thing or two such as food he didn’t want.
    • Yeah, his garbage kinda as a joke
    • No.
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    Okay, does he know you exist? Please answer honestly.

    • Yes. I’ve talked to him a lot and we have classes together
    • I hope so. He’s in some of my classes
    • I think he knows my name, but other than that…
    • No. I’ve never talked to him and we have no classes together
    • He might know I exist. I don’t know
    • Definetely! We talk every day

Does He Like You Back?(Girls Only!!!duh!!!)

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