Does He Really Like Me?

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    First of all, when do you see this boy and how often?

    • Umm, do hallways count?
    • We have one or two classes together, but that’s about it
    • We have one class together/We don’t have any classes together, but we’re friends
    • All the time! We have more than one class together, and we’re friends
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    Do you ever notice him looking at you? Then what happens?

    • There was once when he was asking me a question!
    • Yeah I do! A lot! And then I look at him and he doesn’t even look away OR he looks and smiles!
    • Yes, sometimes – I know for a fact that he does!
    • Are you kidding? I wish
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    Has he ever spoken to you?

    • Once or twice
    • He’s never spoken to me. DARN!
    • Sometimes he speaks to me, but we don’t talk a whole lot
    • Yes – sometimes, I think he makes excuses to talk to me (sits down by me, etc.)
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    Now, does he ever call you?

    • He did once to ask me about homework/No, but he doesn’t know my email address or phone number
    • All the time!
    • Sometimes
    • No, and he KNOWS my phone number and email address!
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    Has he ever complimented you?

    • Um. He laughed at me once – in a mean way, too!
    • My hair, my face – duh! Lol!
    • Nah, but he hasn’t laughed at me, either!
    • You know, he did once!
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    Has he ever looked at you when you/he walked into a room?

    • He did once when I walked into the room
    • Yep! He did this at least ONCE AND HE was the one that walked into the room after me!
    • I haven’t noticed
    • DEFINITELY not
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    Do you THINK he likes you?

    • Maybe a little
    • Definitely
    • Honestly, no
    • Ehhhh
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    What is his ‘label’?

    • Sort of close to mine. We have a few differences. EXAMPLE: You – Prep/girl next door. HIM- jock/guy next door
    • Same as mine!
    • NO C0MMENT
    • UMM…we’re really different, but that’s OK with me
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    Has he ever hinted or told his/your friends that he likes you?

    • BOTH!
    • Nah, but he DID flirt with me…:-)
    • No
    • One of the two/No, but he’s shy
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    Has he ever asked you out?

    • NEVER….
    • NO WAY
    • Yep. HEHE!
    • Nah
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    Has he ever borrowed something of yours or loaned you something of his?

    • His jacket, homework, lots of stuff
    • He borrowed something of mine before, and then gave it back to me in a mean way
    • No
    • His pencil, if that counts, lol
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    Do you get along with him?

    • Yeah, but we’ve never really had a chance NOT to get along with each other
    • We’re like peanut butter and jelly, but better
    • He kind of doesn’t agree with me on stuff
    • Not really
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    Does he have a girlfriend?

    • YEP!
    • NOPE.:-):-):-):-)
    • I’m not sure, but I don’t think so
    • He just broke up with someone
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    Does he have a nickname for you?

    • Nah
    • ‘Beautiful’
    • No, but he mocked me once when I laughed – sweetly
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    Has he gone out with one of your best friends?

    • No
    • Yes, but a couple of years ago
    • Yes, but she said it was OK that I like him
    • They’re dating now!
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    In the hall or somewhere outside of class, does he ever look at you, talk to you or smile at you?

    • Looks and smiles/Looks a lot
    • Looks
    • ALL THREE!
    • None of these
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    Does he ever make an excuse to sit by you?

    • We have assigned seats
    • Yes, a lot
    • No
    • We don’t have classes together, like I said
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    Have you ever held hands with him?

    • No
    • No, he’s holding my best friend’s hand!
    • Heck no…but he might
    • Yes…lol….It was so cute!
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    Has he ever made a rude remark to you?

    • Nope
    • NO
    • Umm, yeah
    • Maybe
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    FUN QUESTIONS! Has he ever said something like one of THESE to you?

    • One of them
    • No
    • YESSS!

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