Does He Want You Back?

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    Every time you see him does he?

    • Just smiles
    • Doesn’t even notice you
    • Come over to chat
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    Do you know his mates?

    • No I’m too shy to talk to them
    • Yes there my mates to
    • Yes but I never speak to them
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    Does his mates ever tell you that he still likes you?

    • Yes all the time
    • No we don’t talk about him
    • No I don’t even talk to his mates
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    If you’re ex saw you flirting with another boy how would he react?

    • He wouldn’t seem to care
    • He would come over straight away and try and get the attention of the other boy
    • He would just stare and make sure nothing to extreme happens
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    Does you ex still ring you and text you?

    • No he hasn’t tried to get in contact with me since we broke up
    • Yes but just as a friend
    • Yes and he doesn’t stop flirting with me
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    Does your ex flirt with other girls?

    • Yes all the time
    • He doesn’t flirt with anyone
    • No just with me
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    When he flirts with you does he?

    • Don’t listen to his mates because he’s concentrating on flirting with you
    • Just makes the flirt short but sweet
    • Flirt? He doesn’t even look at me
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    If you met up with him how would he approach you?

    • He looks down at the floor to prevent eye contact
    • He looks like he would rather be at his grandma’s house knitting
    • With a nice big smile on his face
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    When you talk does he ever mention the old times when you were together?

    • No he doesn’t mention it at all
    • Yes but only the bad times
    • Yes all the time
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    Has he recently invited you to go around his house to baby sit with him where you two would be alone together?

    • Yes but I said no to the offer
    • Yes I’ve just came back from his house
    • No he rather just have a party at his house with all his mates

Does your ex like you still?

Does your ex still love you?