Does my Crush Like Me Back? (11-13 year old girls ONLY)

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    Do you ever talk?

    • Yes, but only when he’s making fun of me
    • He has no clue that I exist
    • Sometimes
    • We talk in my dreams… does that count?
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    Do you have his number?

    • No, I am too shy
    • Yep! We text each other every day!
    • I asked him but he said no
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    Does he ever smile at you?

    • Yes, and I smile back!
    • No
    • Does a punch on the shoulder count?
    • Sometimes
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    Does he ever laugh at your jokes?

    • He doesn’t even know I exist!
    • Only if they’re actually funny
    • Yes, all the time, even if they aren’t funny!
    • He looks at me like I’m stupid
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    Does he ever flirt with you?

    • In my dreams, yes…
    • Nope
    • Yes, he asked for all my answers on a worksheet:)
    • He makes fun of me in a mean way
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    Does he try to sit next to you?

    • He sits wherever his friends are
    • I can’t even see him
    • Yes! It’s adorable!
    • Sometimes
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    Does he try to impress you?

    • Nah, he despises me
    • I don’t know
    • I think…
    • I can’t even count how many times THAT’S happened
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    Do you think he likes you?

    • I really really hope so
    • Maybe
    • Definitely not
    • We are married in my dreams! ( Okay…)
    • Duh!
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    Okay, last question. I know this is in every quiz but DO YOU LIKE HIM? (be honest) (does not count toward score)

    • I’m not sure… it’s complicated
    • Ew, no! (then why the heck are you taking this quiz!)
    • Meh
    • I’M IN LOVE!
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    Do you ever catch him staring at you?

    • All the time
    • I wish
    • It’s more like a glare…
    • Sometimes
    • Nope, never

Does My Crush Like Me Back?

Does He Like Me? (Girls Ages 10-12 Only)