Does your boyfriend really loves you?

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    When you’re just kicking around the house with him in your sweats, do you feel comfortable?

    • We never do that together.
    • I’m working on it.
    • Most of the time.
    • Yes, always.
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    Is he always willing to be your plus-one in any social situation?

    • No, he hates doing things like that.
    • If it is something he wants to do.
    • He might grumble a bit, but yes.
    • Yes, he is great at that.
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    If you text him with a question, how long does it usually take for him to reply?

    • He might not reply all day.
    • A few hours
    • An hour
    • A few minutes
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    Does he still talk to his exes a lot?

    • Yes, and it drives me crazy.
    • I have no idea.
    • No
    • Yes, but I don’t mind because he is friends with them.
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    Does he respect a feminist point of view?

    • No, he hates equality.
    • I haven’t really talked to him about that.
    • He seems to.
    • He does for sure.
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    Does he have a wild side?

    • Yes, and it’s huge.
    • Yes, but it doesn’t come out that often.
    • Not at all.
    • Yes, but I do too.
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    How do he and his mother get along?

    • They don’t.
    • He doesn’t spend any time with his mother.
    • They get along pretty well.
    • They get along great.
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    Does he get along well with your family?

    • They don’t get along well at all.
    • He hasn’t met my family.
    • They do pretty well.
    • They love each other.
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    Did you know them from when you were babies?

    • No
    • YES
    • I forgot
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    Do you know him?

    • No
    • Yes, I LOVE him
    • Yes
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    Do you like his friends?

    • Yes
    • I don’t know them
    • NO
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    Did he ever kiss you?

    • No….
    • YES
    • I can’t remember
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    Does he play sports?

    • No
    • HUH?
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    Does he know you?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
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    Do you….

    • Text?
    • NOTHING?
    • Talk face to face?
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    Is he kind?

    • NO
    • Maybe
    • Yes
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    Do you like him?

    • Sort of…
    • YES
    • No way!
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    Does he like you?

    • Nope.
    • Maybe
    • Sort of
    • Yep
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    Is he kind, not only to you, but to everyone in his life?

    • No, he thinks of that as a sign of weakness.
    • He tries to be.
    • Just about always.
    • Yes, all the time.
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    When he is wrong, will he admit that he made a mistake?

    • No, he never will.
    • After a while, maybe.
    • He usually does.
    • Yes, he’s very good at that.
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    Does he know all the little things about you that others don’t?

    • Not that I can tell.
    • Maybe some of them.
    • Most of them, yes.
    • Yes, he knows me completely.
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    Does he often talk about building a future with you?

    • No, that has never happened.
    • He has, but then he drops the subject.
    • He does quite often.
    • Yes, all the time.
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    Do you feel that he looks at you as an equal?

    • No, he is a true alpha.
    • I think he does sometimes.
    • I hope so.
    • For sure.
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    Will he willingly run errands for you and does he do them well?

    • No, he would never do that.
    • If he is in the mood.
    • Yes, but he often screws them up.
    • Yes, and he does them perfectly.
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    Does he ever question you about where you’ve been or go through your phone?

    • Yes, but that’s normal.
    • Sometimes, but not often.
    • He used to.
    • Of course not.
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    Is he inspiring to you to be the best person that you can possibly be?

    • No, I don’t think of him that way.
    • No, but I do look up to him in some ways.
    • Sometimes he does.
    • For sure.
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    Will he ever stay out all night and you don’t know where he is?

    • Yes, that’s a regular thing.
    • He did once.
    • No, but he does stay out really late sometimes.
    • Never
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    Friends are important. Do you get along with all of his friends?

    • I’ve never met them.
    • No, I can’t stand them.
    • Most of them.
    • Yes, I love them.
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    Does he encourage you to achieve all of your career goals?

    • No, he thinks mine are silly.
    • No, but he doesn’t put me down either.
    • He does a lot.
    • Always
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    How often does he compliment your looks?

    • Pretty much never.
    • He will if I ask him too.
    • He does it a lot.
    • All the time.

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