Does your crush hate you?


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    Does your crush talk to you often?

    • No, they don’t know I exist.
    • Yeah! All of the time, they’re so funny!
    • My guy barely acknowledges my existence-
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    If you were to fall in public what would your crush do?

    • Laugh at you with their friends
    • Help you up right away
    • Laugh a bit but help you up
    • Ignore you
    • Glare at you
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    Does your crush ever physically touch you?

    • No, whenever they come near me they go straight to me best friend to annoy her even though it seems like he likes her
    • Yep, all of the time!
    • They refuse to acknowledge my existence
    • No, if they do its usually just to shove past me or hit me
    • Other
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    Do you think you’re attractive?

    • Absolutely! I mean, just look at me!
    • No, I look like an elephant:(
    • I’m not attractive but not unattractive, I’m just normal
    • I’m REALLY ugly!
    • I don’t want to talk about it
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    Does your crush ask for your opinion?

    • Of course, all of the time!
    • No, they barely know I exist
    • They don’t want to talk to me because I dated their best friend for a day and broke up with him the next day because I didn’t like him
    • Sometimes
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    Does your crush make fun of you?

    • Yes, but in a flirty way 😉
    • No, they don’t want to talk to me
    • Yes, but not in a flirty way, they keep making fun of my height and other things I can’t control
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    Does your crush care about who you date?

    • Nope, they definitely hate me
    • Yep, why am I even here?
    • I’m not sure, we don’t talk, they don’t want to be friends
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    Were you friends with your crush at some point?

    • Yes, we were besties!
    • No, we were never friends and never will be because I’m trash
    • No, we haven’t talked much but we are friendly
    • I’m not sure what we are anymore to be honest
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    Does your crush talk about you behind your back?

    • Bruh, I don’t know, It’s behind my back for a reason *rolls eyes*
    • No, they’re too nice to do that!
    • Probably, I know they hate me and I don’t even know why I’m doing this right now, probably to hide how sad I am with my life
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    What was the first thing your crush said to you?

    • “Hi”
    • “Hey beautiful ;)”
    • “Ew, you’re ugly”
    • “Ugh, it’s you”
    • “Lmao you’re so short”

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