Does Your Crush Know You Like Them?


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    Do you blush easily, especially around your crush?

    • OMG yesss I hate it
    • Sometimes/ I’m not sure
    • Nah, not really, it’s great to not have to worry about that!
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    This seems like it would be kind of obvious, but have you told them how you feel about them?

    • Yeah, recently
    • No, I’m too nervous I hope no one else tells them
    • Yeah, but it was a while ago/ someone else told them
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    This is also kind of obvious but do you think they know?

    • Yeah/ they’ve been acting weird around me lately
    • No, I honestly don’t
    • Why do you think I took this quiz?
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    Have they (recently, maybe since you started liking them) seemed to be flirting or trying to decide whether to make a move?

    • No
    • No, they don’t seem to be into me/ I’m not really sure/ What’s flirting?
    • Yea it’s so great but kind of nerve-wracking ️
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    I know this sounds weird but have they ever started laughing when they see you?

    • No… why would they do that?/ They don’t even know I exist…
    • I’m not sure if it was me or someone else/ Everyone laughs at me
    • Ugh yeah it’s kind of embarrassing and confusing
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    Do you stutter around your crush?

    • Nope!
    • Sometimes/ I always stutter no matter who I’m talking to
    • yeah and I hate it
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    Do you flirt with your crush?

    • Yes, all the time and I don’t with anyone else/ Yes and it fails miserably and noticeably
    • Yeah but not noticeably/ I flirt with lots of people/ Sometimes
    • No I can never work up the courage / What’s flirting?/ I don’t flirt
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    Do you start conversations with them?

    • We both start conversations! / Yeah and it’s not normally awkward/ They start all of our conversations
    • Yes and it always ends up being so awkward
    • No I try not to ever interact with them / We don’t talk
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    Do you actually act natural around them?

    • No I can’t find my voice I can’t think I stutter I fidget I do everything
    • Um kind of?/ Sometimes yes sometimes no
    • Yeah I have no idea how but I just act like they’re not my crush (not on the inside tho… ) / I still don’t think they know I exist/ we don’t talk
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    Have you had any embarrassing moments with your friends involving your crush? (Your crush walking in on you talking about them, your friends pushing you towards them with kissy noises, etc.)?

    • No not really/ I haven’t told my friends yet
    • Sometimes/ Once my crush walked in on us talking about them
    • Yea all the time my friends are so embarrassing but they’re my friends and I love them

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