Does your ex still love you?

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    You ask your ex to help you in something. Does he:

    • say later
    • say he’s busy
    • say of course
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    When you happen to go somewhere, is your ex:

    • sometimes
    • always around you
    • never around you
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    Are you two currently in contact?

    • Nope!
    • Yes, we interact on social media.
    • We have coffee every once in a while.
    • We’re so close, it’s like we never broke up.
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    Who initiates your conversations?

    • He’s blocked my number.
    • Sometimes he initiates, but only late at night.
    • He does.
    • I do.
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    Do you ever hang out?

    • Not on purpose
    • Yes, every once in a while
    • If we run into each other, we’ll often get a drink together.
    • We hang out constantly.
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    At what time of day does your ex usually contact you?

    • He never contacts me.
    • 2 a.m.
    • It varies. There’s no specific time.
    • Once he gets off work, he barrages me with texts.
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    Does he talk to you about other love interests in his life?

    • Yes. He’s made it obvious that he has someone new.
    • No … but I know he has them.
    • No, and I’m sure there’s no one else.
    • Sometimes, but I think he’s just trying to make me jealous.
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    When you run into him, how does he act?

    • Cold
    • Mildly embarrassed
    • Incredibly happy
    • Sometimes pleased, sometimes awkward
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    How do his friends treat you?

    • They’re rude to me.
    • I don’t really know any of his friends.
    • They’re really nice to me.
    • I think they wish we weren’t together.
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    Do you notice him flirting with other people on social media?

    • I can’t tell, since he’s blocked me on social media.
    • Yes. He’s always liking other people’s photos on Instagram.
    • No. But he likes everything that I post.
    • Yes, sometimes I see him going back-and-forth with various people. To tell the truth, we fight about it.
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    When you talk about other guys, does he seem jealous?

    • No
    • He seems amused … but I think he’s a tiny bit jealous.
    • He doesn’t act jealous; he acts hurt.
    • Yes
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    Did you two have a relatively amicable breakup?

    • No. We had a terrible fight and haven’t spoken since.
    • It was pretty friendly … almost as if we weren’t really breaking up.
    • We both tried to stay civil, but it was really sad.
    • Our breakup was messy AF.
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    Of by case, you see your ex in class, in work or anywhere else, what does he do?

    • he keeps looking at you but doesn’t say nothing
    • he just keeps walking
    • he stops and says hi
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    You fall down and your ex is somewhere near, does he?

    • start laughing
    • he phone calls you and asks if you’re OK
    • he comes and helps you
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    You’re in a group of people and your ex joins the group. Does he?

    • when he sees you he walks away
    • ignore you and talk to the rest of them
    • talk to you in special
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    You prank call your ex. Does he?

    • hang up
    • say I have to go I’ll talk to you later
    • say I know it’s you and start making a conversation
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    You and your best friend go up to your ex because your friend wants to go out with him. Does he?

    • says no and stares at you
    • say no
    • say yes
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    When you talk to your ex does he?

    • make it long
    • make it short
    • he doesn’t pay attention to you
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    Your ex sees you talking and flirting with a boy. Does he?

    • suddenly pop out and get into the conversation
    • glare at you
    • he wouldn’t care
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    Your friend goes and asks your ex if he still likes you. Does he say?

    • I am not telling you
    • no
    • hell no

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