Down-To-Earth or Head-In-The-Clouds? Girls Only!


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    Are you always accepting your friend’s offers to come over without thought? Or do you rationalize, and think about the consequences?

    • Think about it first
    • Totally accept!
    • Depends on my attitude
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    Are you constantly sleeping in and day dreaming in school? Or are you always on time and focused?

    • FOCUSED A’s and B’s
    • I don’t know!
    • Dreaming the whole day long!
  • Question of

    Which do you prefer? Abstract curls and squiggly art? Or straight lines and color-themed?

    • Organized art = Good Art!
    • Creative Curls and Sloppy Squiggles!
    • Mix-it fun with both
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    Which one do you prefer? Trying foreign bites from foreign countries? Or regular boring food?

    • I don’t care, as long as it’s food!
    • Boring food = safe:)
    • Depends on my attitude
  • Question of

    When you go get clothes, do you choose free flow t-shirts of every color? Or do you stick with the basics and play it safe?

    • Don’t care as long as it’s a nice shirt
    • Express yourself through clothes and fashion!
    • Play it safe and you won’t get teased.
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    When you’re at school, are you the free spirit who doesn’t care what everyone says? Or a normal girl who sticks with trends and doesn’t want to be disliked?

    • Who cares what they think?
    • In the middle
    • Heard sunglasses are in, guess I got to wear mine!
  • Question of

    Do your actions reflect your personality? Or are you constantly surprising your friends?

    • Surprise, surprise, SURPRISE!
    • Not sure, never noticed
    • Same, same, SAME!
  • Question of

    Do you love traveling to tons of places? Or are you desperately scared of the country’s viruses and sicknesses?

    • Get me a ticket, I’m coming with you!
    • No way, count me out to your trip
    • Depends
  • Question of

    When you’re at the mall, do you go to exotic stores, or do you go to the stores “everyone else” goes to?

    • Explore and find cute little knick-knacks!
    • I go to all the stores
    • Follow the trends and do what the popular kids do!
  • Question of

    What can you compare yourself to? The wild, raging ocean that is extremely unpredictable? Or the land, all normal and predictable, with mostly no surprises?

    • Both
    • Forget the ocean, I choose the land.
    • Totally the ocean!

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