Fill In the Missing Word in These Famous ’80s Song Titles

Turn up the volume on your boombox because these are the 50 finest songs to come out of the 1980s, ranging from hair-metal anthems to the beginnings of rap.

Big hair, Day-glo shirts, scrunchies, Boy George, New Coke, and other absurd relics of the 1980s are frequently the subject of nostalgic reminiscences of the decade: call it the Wedding Singer effect. It’s even more true when it comes to the music. The same cycle of kitchy, apparently alien vintage pop can be found on nearly any 1980s playlist: synthy goth tracks, light hip-hop, the occasional punk infusion, and a slew of hair metal to name a few examples.

There was much more to the 1980s sound than the sum of its oddities, and there is a significant distinction between a “’80s song” and a “music from the ’80s,” as well as between the two terms. This is the decade that brought us Prince and Madonna, as well as Michael Jackson and the NWA. New Wave pioneers such as Talking Heads and Devo discovered new rhythms, while transcendent musicians such as Marvin Gaye and Paul Simon produced some of their finest work to date. And as the decade progressed, rap’s wave grew into a tsunami that fundamentally altered the landscape of popular music.

When compiling our list of the finest songs from the 1980s, we took a number of factors into consideration, including long-term influence, cultural significance, real musicianship, catchiness, coolness, and, of course, nostalgia. But, most importantly, we curated with the goal of providing the greatest fun possible while keeping the selection to one song per artist. These are the finest songs from the 1980s, ranging from genre-defining masterpieces to earworm excursions into the fantastical. And don’t get your scrunchies all tangled up since some hair metal has undoubtedly crept in.

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    Wham wanted you to ‘______ Me Up Before You Go-Go.’ What were you supposed to do?

    • Beam
    • Rough
    • Wake
    • Chat
  • Question of

    ‘You Give _____ a Bad Name’ was ’80s gold for Bon Jovi. What did they accuse someone of bad-mouthing?

    • Love
    • Jon
    • Doves
    • Drums
  • Question of

    ‘Time After ______,’ you can look and find Cyndi Lauper, but can you fill in the blank?

    • Dark
    • Time
    • Dinner
    • Later
  • Question of

    You could feel the heat in Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna _____ With Somebody.’ What did she want to do?

    • Love
    • Sing
    • Chance
    • Dance
  • Question of

    What is Rick Astley never going to do in ‘Never Gonna _____ You Up?’

    • Give
    • Look
    • Pick
    • Hit
  • Question of

    ‘Pour Some Sugar on ______’ was a huge hit for Def Leppard. Which word fills in the blank?

    • Us
    • You
    • Me
    • That
  • Question of

    What word is missing from Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the ______’?

    • Brain
    • Moon
    • Heart
    • Sun
  • Question of

    Can you fill in the missing word from the Phil Collins hit ‘In the ______ Tonight’?

    • Pear
    • Lair
    • Air
    • Sky
  • Question of

    If you’ve seen ‘Rocky III,’ you know the ‘Eye of the ______.’ Is it an eye of newt?

    • Spider
    • Tiger
    • Liar
    • Fighter
  • Question of

    Which of these words completes Tears for Fears’ ‘Everybody Wants to _____ the World’?

    • Fool
    • Travel
    • Own
    • Rule
  • Question of

    What was REO Speedwagon going to do in ‘Keep On _______ You’?

    • Wanting
    • Dreaming of
    • Loving
    • Talking to
  • Question of

    Rockwell sounded a little paranoid when he sang ‘Somebody’s ______ Me.’ What was someone doing to him?

    • Wanting
    • Stalking
    • Watching
    • Mocking
  • Question of

    During the ’80s, did you get ‘Into the ______’ with Madonna?

    • Louvre
    • Groove
    • Party
    • Mood
  • Question of

    What did Pat Benatar want to be hit with in her song ‘Hit Me With Your ______’?

    • Hot pot
    • Spare cot
    • Tater tot
    • Best shot
  • Question of

    New Order once got involved in a ‘Bizarre ______ Triangle.’ What’s the missing word?

    • Shove
    • Bermuda
    • Square
    • Love

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