Find out how good you are with boys!

Many of the girls are not very good with boys and it is for this specific reason we have created this quiz. Our how good are you with boys quiz will certainly help you out. It may not be the perfect quiz out there but it will certainly help you get started.

The process of dating is difficult for everyone, but there is a certain type of female that attracts the wrong type of person time and again. He or she is the type that frequently finds herself crying, mascara smudged tears streaming down her cheeks after placing her trust in yet another jerk with her heart.

In the event that you find yourself continuously saying that your single status is due to a lack of good guys in your area, it may be time to rethink your situation. For obvious reasons, it’s far easier to place blame on the other sex for their failure to commit, but it’s often your own behavior that leads to you dating one bad boy after another.

The fact is that we may not be able to change our surroundings or the douchebags who surround us. The good news is that we have the potential to alter our behavior, our choices, and the manner in which we react.

Start the new year with a clean slate and an open heart in order to finally attract the love of your life that you’ve been longing to meet. Here are fifteen strategies for attracting and keeping a good guy.

1. Don’t waste your time on games.

You put on a front that you aren’t interested in him, but then you become enraged when he doesn’t call. Men are not mind readers in the traditional sense. If you want a decent person to stick around, you have to let him know that you appreciate his efforts.

Allow the guy a genuine chance rather than continuing to consider your options.

We all have unlimited access to what else is out there thanks to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder. However, if you want a new relationship to succeed, you must put your phone down and concentrate on one man at a time.

3. Don’t post photographs on Instagram that you should be texting instead of Instagramming.

Despite the fact that you publish images of yourself in a Brazilian bikini with your ass in the air or lingerie selfies to attract a man’s attention, he unexpectedly declines to date you? In the absence of a profession that necessitates you dressing in lingerie and blogging about it on Instagram, uploading private, provocative photographs may give the impression that you are insecure. If you were in a committed relationship, it’s likely that such photos would have been saved for private discussions with your partner instead.

4. Have a healthy respect for oneself.

It’s impossible to expect a man to respect you if you don’t respect yourself first. Anyone who is worth dating will respect a woman who recognizes her own worth and refuses to settle for anything less than extraordinary in her appearance and behavior. It’s likely that only douchebags will come knocking on your door if you’re attempting to locate a good guy by getting inebriated every night and dancing with your skirt hanging over your head.

5. Express yourself honestly, rather than telling him what you think he wants to hear.

You tell him, “I don’t want to be in a relationship with you.” In reality, what you’re thinking is, “I wonder how long it will take before he makes it official?” Unless you specifically inform a man that you don’t want anything serious, he is likely to take your statement at its value. That does not imply that you should begin droning on about your ideal wedding and how adorable your children will be on the first date with your partner. It does, however, imply that you should wait and observe how things develop naturally before making a decision about where you want the relationship to go.

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“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    First off, how would you describe yourself?

    • So shy! You’re in your own world all of the time, and hate it when people bother you!
    • Outgoing, and flirty with all boys, and funny to all girls.
    • More quiet and reserved, but you’d tell someone if they’re rude/a bully/annoying!
  • Question of

    So…what type of boy do you THINK you like?

    • The most popular boy in the class for their own reason. I’m a popular girl, so I’ve got a chance!
    • A cute guy, who get decent grades and has the cutest hair/face! He’s really kind/witty/funny.
    • He wanders around with his nose in a book all of the time, and has GORGEOUS eyes…
  • Question of

    Can your friends tell that you kind of like him?

    • Not really. I flirt with everyone, so nobody notices if I like them in particular…
    • My ultra best friend(s) do, but most others can’t. Mostly I ask their opinion before I decide whether I like them or not.
    • YES! It’s incredibly embarrassing when I go bright pink with he comes near!
  • Question of

    What do your friends think of this guy?

    • It’s always ‘Cute!’ or ‘Eww!’
    • They say no way, but I’m me in my own world, so I like who I like!
    • They agree, because I wouldn’t like them if they were gross, and I am choosy.
  • Question of

    Let’s say you decide that this guy is worth liking. What do you do now?

    • Blush hopelessly every time he comes near, but I’d never DREAM of asking him out!
    • Ask him if he wants to go to the cinema sometime! We’ll all bring friends, and have a ball!
    • Observe them for a week. If they don’t do anything too gross, you’ll say you should go get a coffee sometime.
  • Question of

    What if you decide you DON’T like the guy! What do you do now?

    • That’s it! Why dither – there’s too much more gossip!
    • Let the hate campaign begin!
    • I’ll avoid him for a while…but it’ll be too embarrassing to talk to anyone about him now, too.
  • Question of

    What would you do if the most popular guy in the class asked you out?

    • Where! Yes! When!
    • Eek. Is he doing a dare, or is he serious! It depends on his personality.
    • NO. I could NEVER say yes! It’s way too embarrassing!
  • Question of

    If you said yes, then went to the cinema with other friends, but sat beside each other, and he did the old yawn-stretch-shoulder trick, what would you do?

    • What have I said yes to! Look at him, then pick up his arm and give it back to him!
    • Aw! Look at him, smile at him, watch the movie!
    • Eek! Look at him, then look at the cinema screen quickly when he catches your eye!
  • Question of

    Would you call yourselves boyfriend and girlfriend after a couple of successful dates?

    • NO! The teasing would never end!
    • Why not? Ask him quietly first, then make it perfect if he agrees.
    • Not a chance. That’s way too serious.
  • Question of

    When it came to dumping him, how would you do it?

    • Quietly, if I had a good reason…
    • He’s so popular…I’d need a good reason for it, and I’d practically scream it!
    • I would say it was never serious, and then the hate campaign would begin!

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