(For girls only) Which Superhero Would Be Your Lover?

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    First off, what kind of guy sounds most attractive to you?

    • An intelligent but outgoing and really fun guy
    • Someone mysterious and a little dark but there when you need him
    • Just a nice guy who’s will-powered and compassionate
    • A guy who’s the rugged, stubborn type, but is very loyal
    • A humble, romantic sweetheart who will always be there for you
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    What’s your favorite school subject?

    • Does Lunch count?
    • World History/Social Studies
    • English/Arts
    • Not sure, but I hate science and math!
    • Phy. Ed./Drama
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    How do you celebrate your birthday?

    • Invite my friends and all my friends’ friends to a party!
    • Treat myself out to pizza and ice cream, maybe bring a couple friends along with
    • Do something mischievous…it’s MY birthday, isn’t it?
    • I dunno, sleep in? I’m not big about birthday parties
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    What’s your favorite movie genre?

    • Comedy
    • Horror!
    • Drama
    • I like just about anything
    • Romance
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    “Tomorrow I’m going to kill you.” You respond:

    • Oh, don’t do THAT! *sob*
    • Yeah, sure
    • I’d rather you not
    • Whatever
    • I’d like to see you try!
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    Which would you be most willing to die for?

    • My lover boy, of course!
    • World peace
    • Freedom of the people
    • My friends and family
    • The hope of the future
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    You feel the most uncomfortable when

    • I’m around a whole bunch of people
    • A situation’s seriously getting out of hand
    • I suddenly have nothing to do
    • I’m not getting my way!
    • I’m suddenly by myself
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    If someone were threatening you, would you be willing to attack him/her in order to protect yourself?

    • Probably
    • If I really had to, yes
    • Yes
    • Um, duh, of course! The pervert deserves it!
    • Maybe
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    What REALLY makes your blood boil?

    • Ignorance of the people
    • Someone daring to harm my loved ones
    • Evil bad guys
    • Oppression
    • Injustice
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    How do you like this quiz so far?

    • I’m just doing this to see which superhero I should marry
    • OK
    • You’re supposed to ask that at the END of the quiz, stupid!
    • It’s all right, I guess
    • Yeah sure whatever, it’s fine
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    If you were given $300 cash as a gift, how would you spend it?

    • I really don’t know
    • Spend it on ME, baby!
    • On a trip to the mall with my friends
    • Replace some clothes or gadgets I have
    • Save it for later
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    What time is it now? (Really, this isn’t a random question)

    • 5-7 PM/AM
    • 10-11 PM
    • It is too a random question, you just can’t think of anything else!
    • Midnight
    • Late morning/Afternoon
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    What would be your dream date?

    • Walk along the beach watching the sunset
    • Eat out at an elegant restaurant
    • Eat out, then gaze up at the stars
    • Do random, fun stuff together all night
    • Go to a movie
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    Do you have your future planned out?

    • Definitely
    • Nope
    • Sort of
    • Little by little
    • Yeah
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    How often do you feel self-conscious?

    • Almost never
    • Not a lot
    • Often
    • All the time
    • NEVER
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    When will be (or was) your first kiss with your lover?

    • Don’t remember
    • When he proposes
    • The night he says the l-word
    • Wedding ceremony
    • When we first meet
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    Do you believe in higher law?

    • What’s higher law?
    • That stuff’s just not for me, no offence
    • Maybe
    • Yes
    • I’m not sure
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    “Sie verlieben sich zu viel.” You respond:

    • I do not!
    • Wait, what?
    • Whatever
    • I speak English, bonehead
    • Hey, that’s German, right?
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    What’s your favorite season?

    • Autumn
    • Spring
    • Summer
    • I like ’em all
    • Winter
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    Well, this is the end of the quiz. Did you like it?

    • Didn’t you already ask this question?
    • I don’t know, but hurry up! I want to see the results!
    • Fine, I guess
    • OK
    • Sure

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