Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Trivia Quiz

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    When the professor was about to show the new first-year students into the Great Hall, Neville ran up and yelled, ‘Trevor!’ Who is Trevor?

    • Neville’s best friend
    • Neville’s toad
    • Neville’s older brother
    • Neville’s teacher
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    Who owns the ‘Robes for all Occasions’ shop in Diagon Alley?

    • Madam Malkin
    • Florean Fortescue
    • Ollivander
    • Eeylops
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    What type of core does Harry Potter’s wand have?

    • Dragon Heartstring
    • Phoenix feather
    • Unicorn Hair
    • Veela Hair
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    ‘Are you doing magic? Let’s see it then,’ Hermione said. What is the spell Ron used to try and make his rat yellow?

    • ‘Make it yellow!’
    • ‘Alohomora!’
    • ‘Yellow like fall, still not at all, this rat, my fellow, should be yellow!’!’
    • ‘Sunshine daisies butter mellow, turn this stupid fat rat yellow!’
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    ‘I’ve tried a few things myself, and they all worked for me.’ – Hermione What spell did Hermione use on Harry’s glasses?

    • Reparo!
    • Brachium Emendo!
    • Alohomora!
    • Colloportus!
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    What did Hagrid give Dudley on Harry’s birthday?

    • A cake
    • A pig’s tail
    • A smack with an umbrella
    • An invitation to Hogwarts
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    Where does Hermione always go to for help?

    • A professor
    • Mrs. Norris
    • Filch
    • The library
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    What kind of animal was guarding the trapdoor, and what was its name?

    • A three-headed dog named Fluffy
    • A three-headed dog named Norbert
    • A dragon named Norbert
    • A dragon named Fluffy
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    What game is Ron a master at?

    • Wizard’s chess
    • Troll Hunting
    • Chess
    • Magic
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    ‘You.’ – Harry Who is responsible for trying to steal the stone?

    • Quirrell
    • Draco Malfoy
    • Snape
    • Nicolas Flamel

‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ Trivia

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Trivia Quiz