Harry Potter Quidditch Facts Trivia

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    In Quidditch, what is the time limit for each game?

    • Three months
    • Two hours
    • Two weeks
    • There is no time limit
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    In ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’, Harry goes to see the Quidditch World Cup (Ireland vs Bulgaria) with Ron and his family. What are the names of the seekers on those teams?

    • Viktor Krum and Aidan Lynch
    • Moran Levski and Aidan Lynch
    • Troy Mullet and Viktor Krum
    • Troy Volkov and Viktor Krum
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    Are you allowed to have a wand with you on the Quidditch pitch?

    • No, you can’t have a wand on the field
    • Yes, but only to tamper with others’ brooms
    • Yes, you can even use it to hurt others
    • Yes, as long as you don’t use it against another player
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    In his school years, Harry owns two brooms. Which two does he own?

    • Nimbus 2000 and Comet Two-Sixty
    • Nimbus 2001 and Cleansweep 7
    • Nimbus 2000 and Firebolt
    • Firebolt and Nimbus 2001
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    In his sixth year Harry gets made Quidditch Team Captain. Who was NOT on his team in the sixth year?

    • Ron Weasley
    • Ginny Weasley
    • Angelina Johnson
    • Katie Bell
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    Which of these rules is NOT true for Quidditch?

    • The chaser hits the bludger with a giant bat
    • Penalty shots are given
    • Each goal scored by a chaser is 10 points
    • Catching the snitch is worth 150 points
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    What is the name, color and size of the most important ball in the game?

    • The Golden Snitch, red, size of a golf ball
    • The Golden Snitch, gold, size of a tennis ball
    • The Golden Snitch, gold, size of a golf ball
    • The Quaffle, red, size of a soccer ball
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    How many ways are there to commit Quidditch fouls, and in what year did all of these happen in the World Cup?

    • 700, 1473
    • 570, 1476
    • 320, 1473
    • 654, 1347
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    How many goal-hoops are there on a field?

    • Seven
    • Six
    • Four
    • Three
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    The Golden Snitch is the most important ball in Quidditch as it is worth the most points. What was the original Snitch and who designed the new one?

    • A small bird, Bowman Wright
    • A large bird, Godric Gryffindor
    • The Snitch never changed
    • A small silver ball, Bathilda Bagshot

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