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    Where Do You Buy Your Clothes?

    • Only Big Brand Shops.
    • The Thrift Store Down The Road.
    • Only Online, So I Can Avoid People.
    • All Band Merch.
    • Tracksuits Are My Tang.
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    How Do You Wear Your Hair?

    • Shaved Sides with a Quiff/ Flick.
    • Straightened Hair with Middle Split.
    • Dyed Dirty Blonde Hair with Hair Extensions.
    • Short, Choppy Hair.
    • Long Side Fringe (Scene Hair).
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    What’s Your Go To Beverage?

    • Vodka.
    • Energy Drinks.
    • Bright Neon Alcoholic Drinks.
    • Water.
    • Coke.
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    • Nahhhh brahhh.
    • Sure, why not?
    • Oh my gawdd, Starbucks is like everything!
    • I’m too metal for that shit.
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    Where Do You Go at the Weekend?

    • Clubbing with my besties.
    • Hanging around with My Bros.
    • In Bed Watching a Movie with the Bae.
    • Moshpits All the Way brah.
    • Getting a Spice Bag in the Chipper.
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    How Many Sexual Favours Have You Performed..?

    • Over Ten.
    • I’m not sure..?
    • One or Two.
    • Only While in Relationships.
    • WHAT? I’M 9.
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    What T.V. Shows Do You Watch?

    • 16 And Pregnant.
    • Say Yes to the Dress.
    • Anything on Kerrang or Scuzz!
    • Top Gear.
    • The Simpsons.
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    Who’s Your Idol?

    • Paris Hilton.
    • The Kardashians.
    • Gerard Way.
    • The Rev (A7X Drummer).
    • JK Rowling.
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    Where Will You Be in Twenty Years?

    • IDK.
    • With a Family.
    • I’m Gonna Be Famous!
    • My Dream Career!
    • I’m Going to Become a Nun.
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    What type of music do you most often listen to?

    • Chart Music.
    • Hip hop / Rap.
    • Pop Punk.
    • Metalcore / Emo.
    • Heavy Metal.

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