How Big is Your Imagination?


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    At school, your English teacher says that you’re all going to do a listening comprehension. They ask you to close your eyes while you listen. What do you see?

    • Darkness and/or sometimes a very faint image of the story.
    • A well detailed image of the story.
    • My eyelids. What else?
    • A faint image of the story.
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    You’re sitting in the passenger seat of a car, bored stiff. You look out the window. What do you see?

    • A world of different cloud creatures and landscapes.
    • Clouds. And a road. And cars. Urgh this isn’t helping my boredom!
    • Clouds. One looks faintly like a… butterfly?
    • Clouds that resemble birds or elephants.
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    What do you see when you’re reading a fiction book?

    • I see a book with words on it, duh.
    • Words.
    • A whole other world which is the story.
    • The story but not detailed.
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    Do you usually dream at night?

    • Yes. And my dreams are usually crazy/detailed.
    • No. I just wake up.
    • Yeah, sometimes.
    • Not that I can remember.
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    Could you imagine being on the moon for example?

    • Kind of. Yeah.
    • Not really.
    • Yes! I see it! Oh and there’s earth! Awww it’s so small!
    • What a waste of time. No.
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    What’s your dream career?

    • An author, actor/actress…. Anything that involves imagination!
    • I don’t know.
    • Something fun and that I like.
    • Anything that involves logic/ Anything that makes me money.
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    If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

    • Superpowers don’t exist! Don’t go around telling us to answer silly questions like this!
    • Super speed or strength, maybe.
    • Um…. Super sight?
    • Telepathy or invisibility or flight or… Ah so many options!
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    Which element can you relate to most?

    • Air – Free, up in the clouds etc.
    • Water – Wide spread, goes with the flow etc.
    • Earth – Grounded, logical etc.
    • Fire – Warm, feisty etc.
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    Nearly there! What’s your motto in life (pick one that’s closest)?

    • Stay rooted to the ground and you’ll succeed.
    • Dream big.
    • Imagination has no limits.
    • YOLO.
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    Okay last question! Pick one!

    • Set
    • Sun
    • Swirl
    • Spin

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