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    Your friends are all going sky diving and they’ve asked you to come, you?

    • Hesitate but end up going, why not?
    • Say no, it’ll be too scary
    • Say: hell yeah! It’ll be fun
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    You spot someone being robbed, you?

    • Call the police and comfort the person.
    • Run after the thief and get the stuff back.
    • Watch in horror and freeze.
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    Your offered a drink at a party, you don’t trust the guy and refuse. He doesn’t let up and gets angry, you?

    • Be weary of him but refuse the drink and go find friends.
    • Don’t care that he’s angry, yell and then walk off.
    • Hate confrontation so take the drink but when he’s gone bin it.
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    A guy is trying to hit on you, after you refuse he moves closer. You don’t like how he’s touching you and so you?

    • Freeze and have no idea what to do.
    • Knee him where it hurts and walk away after threatening him.
    • Untangle yourself from him and as fast as you can find one of your guy friends
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    You’re at a store and gun men suddenly burst in. Your suppose to be silent but a kid around ten is crying next to you, what are you going to do?

    • After making sure the coast is clear you speak to the kid.
    • Screw the gun men, talk to the kid and them feel better. If you get caught just wink and flirt your way out.
    • Feel bad but don’t talk, you’re too scared.
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    A women walks out into the road but doesn’t see an oncoming car. You?

    • Freeze and choke out the word move.
    • Scream for her to move.
    • Rush out into the road and push her out of the way.
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    You’re out with your friends when you see a guy around your age screaming at a fifteen or so year old girl. She’s crying and your angry, you?

    • Walk on like you don’t see it. You don’t want to get hurt but you really fear for the girl so call the police.
    • Go over and yell at him, sass like your life depends on it and then if needed fight him with the help of your friends.
    • Yell at him and sass like your life depends on it but if he gets violent back away and call the police.
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    Your arrested for underage drinking but while getting handcuffed the officer gropes your butt. What do you do?

    • Scream at them and cuss like there’s no tomorrow.
    • Turn in the handcuffs until you’re facing them and then head butt them as hard as you can.
    • Ignore it, you’re in enough trouble.
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    Your boyfriend of a year tried to hit you after seeing you with a good guy friend. You?

    • Move out of the way and then leave, but you might not break up. A years alone time right…
    • Move out of the way if possible and then break up with his ass right there without hesitating.
    • Freeze and let him hit you. You end up staying with him out of fear.
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    You lost a bet and your told to (as punishment) sneak into a club. You?

    • Back out and don’t do it.
    • Hesitate but go along with it and use your older siblings fake id
    • Go with it, it’s not the first time you’ve snuck into a club and you’ll just charm the bouncer.

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