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    Your phone buzzes with your AP Exam test results. You studied for days on this. You find out that you did not get a passing grade and will have to study harder and take a second test in the summer. How do you react?

    • I sigh and accept my defeat. Even though I studied super hard for this, I still failed, which makes me feel disappointed. But I respond to my teacher’s email and tell her I’m free July 15th to take the other test.
    • I freak out a little bit, since my parents will probably kill me since I promised them I’d study super hard. I decide to not respond to my teacher’s email and see if I can get by without answering.
    • I don’t even open the email, besides, my school email is set to be the iCloud address I haven’t used since 2011. Joke’s on them!
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    You fall onto the gravel sidewalk in front of your crush, Craig. How do you react?

    • I start crying and break down in front of him.
    • I lie down farther and think “my life is worthless”.
    • I say nothing and stand up like nothing happened.
    • I brush it off and act like I meant to do it.
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    Crap! Your little sister took your “Boys Today” Magazine. How do you react?

    • I rush into her room in a panic and start interrogating her like there’s no tomorrow
    • I calmly go into her room and ask her if she’s seen my Boys Today magazine. Kill them with honesty.
    • I run downstairs to my parents. MOM! DAD! YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE THIS! ELIZABETH TOOK MY BOYS TODAY MAGAZINE! That’ll get her into trouble…:-)
    • I bust open her door and tackle her onto the ground. “WHERE IS MY BOYS TODAY MAGAZINE?”
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    You lose your school paper at Lunch that you have been working on for weeks that counted for half your grade. How do you react?

    • I go to the Principal’s office and explain my situation. Maybe they will give me an extension if they believe me.
    • I ask all my friends if they’ve seen a rogue paper flying about the lunchroom. If they haven’t, I give up.
    • I go to my teacher’s knees and beg her for an extension.
    • I don’t turn in the paper at all and I get detention on a Saturday. It was too risky to admit what had happened anyway.
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    You and your family are at a restaurant with your crush and his parents because your mom and dad are coworkers with his mom. When your crush asks you what you like to do for fun, your little sister, Elizabeth, says that you like to look at magazines filled with boys. How do you react?

    • I sigh. “Don’t trust a word she says. She’s like a mini-human-backstabber. I’m not even that particularly interested in boys.” Playing hard to get is ALWAYS the way to go, but CRAP.. maybe he actually thought that I wasn’t interested right now. I just lowered my chances. Oh, well.
    • I start raising my voice at my sister in public, turning heads. “Elizabeth, it is about TIME you stop telling lies to my peers!”
    • I nudge her underneath the table and save myself. “That magazine has been coming to my house since I was 12. I occasionally flip through it, but only because there’s always an article about the movie of the week.”
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    When your friends ask you to hang out with them on the weekend, how do you react?

    • I don’t respond to the text at all because I’m too busy with homework and don’t have time for those weirdos.
    • I block their number, how dare they ask me to hang out with them on the weekend when I’m trying to do my science project on human gestation!
    • I wait around 20 minutes to respond so I don’t seem desperate, and then I say “Sure!” Even if I am busy so that way they don’t think I’m a loser who doesn’t leave the house on the weekends.
    • When I get the text, I respond quickly but not too quickly, and then I start getting ready if it’s in the near future.
    • I respond almost immediately and rush out of the door in excitement.
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    If the ice cream shop is out of your favorite flavor, how do you react?

    • I steal a gummy bear from the toppings section and eat it in front of the employee without paying. Then, I leave the shop.
    • Oh, well, it’s not like they will never have it again. I’ll have the Strawberry instead.
    • I ask the employee for the fifth time if “they’re sure they don’t have more in the back”
    • I leave the ice cream shop in an anger fit.
    • I’ll be very disappointed – that’s the whole reason I went to get ice cream at 10 o’clock in the evening! But I will keep my cool and leave without being visibly upset.
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    When your friend says that their boyfriend broke up with them, how do you react?

    • You console them and say, “If he broke up with YOU, then he’s missing out.”
    • Don’t say anything and turn to Craig and punch him in the face. HOW DARE HE? Girl power!
    • AWESOME! Now I have a chance to get with Craig! I’ll run out of their house and go straight to Craig’s. Scooore!
    • Start hyperventilating because you think your friend’s upset with you instead of Craig.
    • Tell them that he wasn’t even that cute.
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    If your mom says that you lost your phone for a month because you supposedly “tripped” a kid that you hated at school, how do you react?

    • I argue for a second, and protest. “That wasn’t my fault! He tripped on Chloe’s pencil!” But when my mom persists with a fight back, I give in and hand the phone over.
    • Well, my mind was so made up on him tripping on Chloe’s pencil that had fell on the ground earlier, so I thought about it for a second. Once I remembered that I DID trip him and Chloe had previously picked up her pencil, I give my phone to my mom and tell her sorry.
    • I nod my head and hand over the phone. Oh, well, there’s nothing I can do now. I go up to my room and start listening to One Direction.
    • My mouth drops open like a frog trying to catch a fly and I scream, “HOW COULD YOU BE SO CRUEL?” I put my phone into my pocket in front of my mom’s face on purpose and then stomp upstairs, screaming.
    • Whatever. I don’t use my phone anyway. HERE YA GO, MOM
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    When you lose a diamond earring that went to a VERY expensive set, how do you react? (Even calm people are allowed to react a little bit to this, so don’t worry)

    • I try not to panic, but I’m still very upset. I start looking on the ground, and then when I can’t find it, I ask my parents and family to be on the lookout for it.
    • I groan with frustration and throw a fit.
    • I cry until I fall asleep.
    • When I find out that I lost it, I call Craig (my boyfriend) and ask him to buy a better, more expensive set for me.
    • I start looking for them frantically and then proceed to have a panic attack.

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