How Childlike Are You?

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    Which sounds delicious right now?

    • Macaroni and cheese
    • A nice big burger
    • Pizza
    • Steak
    • Garden salad
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    What your favorite type of humor?

    • Sarcastic
    • Immature
    • Slapstick
    • Dry
    • Other
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    What do you prefer to do when bored?

    • Watch tv
    • Sleep
    • Read
    • Go on a job
    • Other
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    If you received a million dollars right now, what would you do with it?

    • Put half away
    • Buy a house
    • Buy a car
    • Pay off bills
    • But something I’ve always wanted
    • I’m not sure
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    What’s your strongest character trait out of these?

    • Optimistic
    • Curious
    • Adventurous
    • Passionate
    • Hardworking
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    How do you feel speaking in front of a group of people?

    • Terrified
    • Excited
    • Nervous
    • Indifferent
    • It depends
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    What sounds like a great first date to you?

    • Amusement park
    • Dinner and movie
    • Something exciting
    • Grabbing coffee
    • Other
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    Which word is reminiscent of your childhood?

    • Traveling
    • Family
    • Beach
    • Friends
    • Other
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    Do you get excited for birthdays?

    • Who doesn’t?
    • Sometimes
    • Not really
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    Others usually tell you that you make them feel:

    • Creative
    • Free-spirited
    • Adventurous
    • Alive
    • Passionate
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    How often do you make a fool of yourself?

    • I’m always foolin’ around
    • I have kids. Foolin’ around is part of the job!
    • When it’s appropriate, I’m a big goof!
    • I avoid doing it, people need to take me seriously
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    What are you most likely to watch?

    • Cartoon Network
    • A mystery movie
    • An action thriller
    • A documentary
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    A friend shows up for a night out wearing a wacky outfit. How do you react?

    • Excited for the wild times ahead!
    • Everybody has their own unique sense of style, it’s cool
    • Cringe at their wacky dress sense, but go on as planned
    • Send them home to change ASAP!
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    Your mother chastises you for an apparent misdeed that you didn’t do! You…

    • Ask her to stop shouting and remind her of her age
    • Scream and shout at her until she backs off
    • Quietly wait it out until you have a chance to explain yourself
    • Tell a funny joke that cuts the tension
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    Your sibling received a better Christmas present than you. How do you react?

    • Attempt to make your parents feel bad about the transgression
    • Swap when no ones looking
    • You’re happy for your sibling and you forget about it

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