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    At school, your grades are?

    • D to E and if you’re lucky a C.
    • F. Who cares about school work
    • A* to A+ every time.
    • A to B and occasionally a C.
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    How hard do you find your homework?

    • Quite easy. It usually takes about 30 minutes to complete.
    • Easy peasy lemon squeezy! It takes me five minutes!
    • I’m not very bright so about 2 hours.
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    How smart do you think you are?

    • I’m kind of smart. I don’t struggle with school work.
    • Underachieving. I struggle with the work set for me.
    • Extremely underachieving. I have a tutor for everything
    • Really smart. I’m the brain box in our class.
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    What is 22+22?

    • 2222. Duh.
    • Is it 45 I think.
    • Umm…. 44.
    • 44. I knew it straight away.
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    What type of school do you attend?

    • School? What’s school?
    • The strictest boarding school in the world.
    • A pretty decent private school.
    • A public one.
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    What is your favorite subject at school?

    • Drama and art.
    • Sports.
    • Anything academic like math or English.
    • Ummm………. lunchtime?
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    How many friends do you have?

    • A few close friends.
    • None. I don’t have time to giggle and be silly.
    • I’m quite popular. I’m good friends with the people in my class
    • I am the height of popularity. The whole school is dying to be my BFF.
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    What is your IQ?

    • Infinity. I’m so clever you can’t measure my IQ.
    • What’s a IQ?
    • About 130.
    • 90.
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    • 11232423244565
    • 7 simples
    • Ummmmmmmmmmmm……… 9?
    • 7. Got it in 2 milliseconds.
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    Are you a teacher’s pet?

    • No.
    • Kind of
    • Of course I am.
    • What do you take me for? A nerd?

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