How Dark Is Your Personality?


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    What is your favorite school subject?

    • Maybe math or science. Everything works out, even after a bit of work
    • English. I can vent and express myself through writing, or reading books
    • It doesn’t matter. It’s all a blur to me
    • Gym! If we are playing something I like. I get to talk to my friends, too
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    How would you describe your social life?

    • I have far too many friends to count! I’m always making plans
    • Eh, I have a few good, solid friends. Some others seem to be slipping away…but it’s hard to tell
    • What social life? I get on through the day. I avoid people
    • It’s going quite well! Friends are there until the end
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    Which of these colors do you like best?

    • Dark blue, green, maybe a little purple
    • Black is a nice color. And red, and darker blues
    • Yellow, light blue, purple, pink
    • Bright neon pink! X D
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    Which of these places do you like to be at most?

    • In my room, lights off. No one bothers me, and I can be solitary in my misery
    • I’m quite comfortable in most places. Just as long as I’m not completely alone
    • At the mall! Or the park! And with my girls!
    • Home, alone more it seems. With a book or my iPod
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    Which of these kinds of styles do you go with, or prefer?

    • A nice top and jeans. I try for a bit of a stylish edge, but I’m not THAT into fashion
    • A super-cute top, designer brands, and skinny jeans. And those new boots. 😉
    • A dark, long-sleeved shirt to cover my arms. Maybe of my favorite metal band. Dark sweats or jeans
    • A t-shirt and jeans. I don’t really care, as long as I’m comfortable
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    What do you like to read?

    • Fantasy, adventure. I’m not too picky, as long as I can get lost in my book:)
    • A bit, not a lot. Stuff recommended to me
    • I don’t read any more than I have to! It’s a waste of time! Unless it’s about vampires
    • Stories about people’s horrible lives – makes mine seem less bad
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    What do you watch on TV?

    • I don’t watch TV. It only shows me what I don’t have Happy shows and dramas are trifling at most
    • I don’t really watch a lot of TV. I’m too busy with homework
    • A bit here and there. I have a few fave shows
    • Oh! America’s Next Top Model, Vampire Diaries – ya know, the fashion and romance stuff!
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    What do you think of depression?

    • Depression! Ha ha! I was like, SO depressed for, like, a half-hour when my boyfriend dumped me! D:
    • I have been diagnosed with clinical depression
    • Doesn’t sound good
    • I’ve been close to slipping into it…it’s some serious stuff
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    Why are you taking a quiz like this?

    • BECAUSE I’M BORED! I’m SOOO not dark!
    • I figured it couldn’t hurt,:). Seemed interesting
    • I want to see if it’s confirmed that I have a dark personality. I really have nothing better to do with this pathetic thing called life
    • I’ve been curious about this subject lately
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    What do you think the meaning of life is?

    • To enjoy it, and to attempt to be successful
    • Life sucks, then we die. Get over it
    • I really don’t know
    • TO HAVE FUN!

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