How Do Guys See Me?

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    Hi, friends! Now…who do your friendships mainly consist of?

    • I have a few friends of both genders
    • My friends are mostly guys, but there are a couple of girls I’m close to
    • I don’t have any guy friends
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    How do you act when with guys?

    • I like to flirt a little, but only if they are cute, you know?
    • I act like a friend. We goof off, kind of like cute couples – but we don’t want to be a couple
    • I joke around and talk about stuff we’re all interested in, like sports and scary movies
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    Have you had many boyfriends?

    • I’ve had one (or none), but only because I don’t seek anyone out, and vice versa
    • Nah
    • Yes/No, but I want one. I get along great with guys!
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    Has anyone ever asked you out?

    • Yeah! Many times
    • Nope/They did, but I turned them down
    • Yes
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    Are you open and confident about having a boyfriend, or about the idea of a boyfriend?

    • I don’t talk about boys like that. They’re all just buds to me
    • Yeah, I talk about guys a lot. I’m known for it, haha!
    • Sometimes I tell my friends about who I like, but I’m not that open about it, I guess
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    What kind of clothes do you wear?

    • Jeans, tees, sneakers, sporty shorts
    • Whatever I find comfy
    • Miniskirts, skinny jeans, flirty dresses, spaghetti straps
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    How do you wear your hair?

    • A simple braid or a ponytail
    • I either curl, straighten, braid, or hair clip my hair
    • I just do whatever comes to mind
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    Which words would most make you want to join a conversation?

    • ‘Have any of you been to that new store?’
    • ‘Who wants my cookie?’
    • ‘Hey, did you see the game yesterday?’
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    Do you have a sibling? How do you get along? (It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a brother- if letter A explains your sisterly relationship, choose it!)

    • Brother: We get along great! Sister: We fight a lot
    • I have more than one sibling, or no siblings at all
    • Brother: Idk – we fight sometimes and joke other times. Sister: We fight over makeup, but get along afterward! Hah!
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    Which parent do you hang out with more? (If you live with a guardian rather than a parent, choose C.)

    • My dad’s my bro, haha. We play football and watch ESPN together
    • My mom takes me shopping a lot! So with her, I guess
    • I don’t know…It’s even

Do Boys Like Me?

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