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    People and social life?

    • I don’t socialize because of reasons such as anxiety etc
    • People are okay and I like socializing
    • People are boring and I don’t socialize if i’m not forced
    • I make friends because its normal but I wouldn’t socialize if I didn’t have too
    • I have close friends and don’t extend myself further than that
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    • I tolerate my family and they tolerate me
    • I don’t connect well with my family
    • I love my family and am loyal to them
    • My family is a private matter (fair enough)
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    • What friends? I don’t have any
    • I am loyal to my friends and will do anything for them
    • I have many friends and try to be loyal and good support for all of them but sometimes I can’t
    • Friends are made for a reason and they are good for that reason only
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    People you don’t like?

    • I ignore them completely
    • I actively antagonize people I don’t connect with (whether it be online or in real life)
    • If I don’t like a person, I stay out of their way and don’t associate unless forced
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    In public?

    • Being in public places with lots of people scares me
    • I have no objections to being in public places
    • I love public places because of the people there and the things they do
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    Small animals?

    • Small animals are small animals. nothing less, nothing more.
    • I think they are cute and need to be cared for
    • I am indifferent to small animals but would stop and take care of one if needed
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    What do your thoughts generally revolve around?

    • Abstract things that have no relation to each other.
    • My hobbies.
    • People and what drama has recently gone down.
    • What I can do next.
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    Burning things?

    • I actively seek out things to burn.
    • Burning things isn’t my cup of tea. I don’t want to risk being burn myself.
    • Burning things is cool but I don’t seek it out.
    • I don’t burn things.
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    Your internet usage?

    • I chronically check my social medias in case stuff goes down. I don’t want to miss out on drama.
    • I don’t use the internet.
    • Most of my socializing is done online. I feel most comfortable behind a screen.
    • I have created another version of myself online. I have too many sock accounts to handle and i’m part of countless social medias and forums. I am incredibly addicted.
    • I check up on what is happening on my various social medias and occasionally the news.
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    Your online activities?

    • I keep my activity online to a minimum.
    • I seek out people to dupe and con and have fun with my anonymity.
    • I spend countless hours online doing who knows what.
    • I don’t actively participate in anything online.
    • I like to join forums etc and meet people with the same interests as i.

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