How Good Of A Match Are We?

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    How often do you two see each other?

    • Once a month
    • Once or twice a year
    • Every day
    • Three or four times a month
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    How often do you guys talk to each other?

    • Every day/multiple times per day
    • Does texting count?
    • He has never met me, let alone talked to me
    • About two or three times a week – we’re both super busy
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    How long have you been dating?

    • He doesn’t know I exist, so we’re obviously not dating
    • One to two weeks
    • Three+ years
    • One to two years
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    Were you friends before you started going out?

    • Yeah, we were childhood friends
    • No, we just met and then started dating
    • Yeah…for like a week
    • Yeah, for like a year or two
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    How old are you?

    • 11-12 years old
    • 16+ years
    • 13-15 years old
    • 10 or younger
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    Have you guys ever talked about your future together?

    • No…are we supposed to?
    • Yeah, a few times, but nothing has been a real agreement or plan…we both want different things
    • I tried, but he dodged the question
    • Yeah, we both agree about how our future will be
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    Do you get along with his friends?

    • I have never met them
    • Ugh, no – I hate them
    • Yeah, they are OK…nice, I guess
    • Yeah, I’m practically one of the guys
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    Does he get along with YOUR friends?

    • No, they think he’s just a dumb, stuck-up guy
    • They think he’s nice, but has his flaws
    • They think he is OK, but that I could do better
    • They think he’s the absolute perfect guy for me
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    How does he act toward you?

    • Nice to me when we are alone, but when with our friends, a total jerk
    • He treats me like a princess – nice, caring, loving
    • Umm….I guess like every other boyfriend treats his girlfriend
    • Treats me like I’m not even there/is mean to me
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    What do your parents think of him?

    • They like him, but only about as much as every other guy I’ve dated
    • They think I could do better
    • They love him – he’s like a son to them
    • Never met him/hate him
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    Do you make time for each other?

    • Well, we are pretty busy.
    • We do our best!
    • We are always together.
    • We do, but we give space too.
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    How do you feel if he is going away for a week?

    • I don’t care.
    • I feel jealous.
    • I feel insecure.
    • I miss him, but I am fine.
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    Do you stay in shape since you’ve been seeing him?

    • No, I barely work out anymore.
    • It is about the same.
    • Yes, I work out way more.
    • Yes, I feel good about myself.
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    Do you trust him?

    • No way!
    • I am getting better at that.
    • Yes, if he lied to me it would crush me.
    • Yes, he is trustworthy.
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    Does he have different strengths than you?

    • I don’t even really know what his strengths are.
    • For the most part.
    • Yes, he is amazing!
    • Yes, we complement each other really well.
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    Has he ever cheated on you?

    • He has.
    • I think maybe.
    • I hope not.
    • I am sure he hasn’t.
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    Can you hang out and not talk to each other?

    • Yes, we fight a lot.
    • No, that is super awkward.
    • No, I get too excited around him for that.
    • Of course.
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    How often do you fight?

    • All the time.
    • Pretty often.
    • Never!
    • Only when there is something important we need to get out.
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    Do you still flirt?

    • No, we really don’t.
    • I think so.
    • We always flirt.
    • Sure, but it is subtle.
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    How are things in the bedroom?

    • Kind of boring
    • Pretty good
    • Amazing
    • Consistently good
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    Is he your best friend?

    • Don’t make me laugh.
    • No, but I do like him.
    • One of them.
    • For sure.
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    What is the perfect night with him?

    • Going out to a nice dinner
    • Going on a double date
    • Going out partying
    • Staying home and chilling
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    Does your family like him?

    • They hate him.
    • They tolerate him.
    • They haven’t met yet.
    • Sure, they get along fine.
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    What does he inspire you to do?

    • Make more money
    • Be better in bed
    • Go out and party
    • Be a better person
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    Are you able to talk about sex?

    • Gross.
    • No, that sounds odd.
    • We don’t need to, things are perfect.
    • We totally can.
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    Are you humble around him?

    • No, quite the opposite.
    • No, I show off a little.
    • He is too perfect to be humble around.
    • I sure try to be.
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    Does he make a lot of romantic gestures towards you?

    • He pretty much never does that.
    • Only on special occasions.
    • He does that constantly.
    • He does when I need it.
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    Do you guys snuggle in bed?

    • No, I hate that.
    • Not often.
    • Constantly.
    • If it is chilly.
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    Do you ever think of cheating on him?

    • All the time.
    • No, but sometimes I fantasize.
    • Not unless he made me mad.
    • No, that is silly.
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    Do your friends like him?

    • I would have to say no.
    • They do okay.
    • He doesn’t know them.
    • Yes, they are tight.

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