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    Big guy from a higher grade comes past with his mates and knocks all of your books out of your arms on purpose. You

    • Turn around, give him a filthy look, mutter “jerk” and collect your things
    • Smile at him, walk off and report it to the teacher.
    • Grab him by the collar and scream at him “DO THAT AGAIN AND YOU’LL BE VOMITING TEETH AND BLOOD”
    • Sigh and pick up your stuff. No need to cause a fuss. Maybe hide in the bathroom for a bit.
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    You arranged to meet your friend 10 minutes earlier than usual to walk to school because of a change in the schedule. They forget and when you arrive at their place they start SCREAMING at you in the street because they had to wait and blah blah blah. And their mum is there. You

    • Apologise immediately. You should’ve reminded them and they HAVE been waiting ten minutes for you. You stay silent the entire trip.
    • You were in a good mood. It barely hits you so you just shrug, say “okay?” turn and walk to school.
    • Say, “Um, I thought we organized this yesterday. Don’t blame me because you forgot!”
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    You walk into the courtyard where the thug in your year group has your little brother pinned against a wall, about to punch him in the face. It’s attracted a HUGE crowd. You

    • Scream threats at him. Your language gets colourful.
    • Yell, “How can you people just stand there? Do something!”
    • March right up behind him, tap him on the shoulder and when he looks around punch him in the face until he passes out or your fists start bleeding
    • Watch what happens/alert a teacher
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    One of the popular girls and her cronies spread rumours about you running naked down the street. This is without any apparent reason. You

    • Get your hands on a hockey stick and threaten to beat the living hell out of her if she doesn’t tell everyone it’s a lie.
    • PLEAD your mum to move schools. Or to a different country.
    • Spread rumours about her and spend the rest of your school years avoiding her.
    • Talk to her and ask her to stop, and if she doesn’t, report it to a teacher
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    Your disgusting neighbour finds your cat on her side of the street and beats it to death. You

    • Sob hysterically. Maybe make the murderer feel guilty.
    • Beat her to death, or try your best to
    • Beat her pet to death/scream threats to
    • Get your mum and dad to talk to her
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    Your maths teacher picks on you in class all the time. She knows you will probably get it wrong because you are bad at maths (hypothetically) and always tries to humiliate you in front of the class. You are sick of it. She asks you if you would like to ‘help her out’ You

    • You and I both know I don’t want to, and you’ve asked me 4 TIMES today
    • Say “I’m not trained in criminal psychology, or armed, so no I cannot help you.” then leave the class
    • Do it. Suck it up and just get humiliated again.
    • Say “no, thanks”
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    You’re out walking by yourself when a man suddenly comes at you with a knife and tries to take your phone. You

    • Kick his shins where possible and scream at the tool to back off
    • Scream for help
    • Let him take your phone. It’s not worth your life
    • Slam him in the back of the head and if he passes out, call the cops with the phone he FAILED TO GET! HA!
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    The idiot in front of you makes a nasty comment about your deathly sick mum dying. You

    • Tell the teacher right there and then. He won’t do that again!
    • Realise the teacher is watching, walk around calmly to him, take his pencil case and dump the contents over the balcony (assuming you’re on the second or third floor)
    • Jump over your desk and tackle him to the ground and punch him and kick and hurt and claw him in any place you can find. They won’t NEED to bury him when you’re done. When he’s out cold or broken (or better still, dead), leave and walk home.
    • Bite your lip. Don’t give him the satisfaction of thinking he gets to you
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    Your friend, who you’ve been friends with for 7 years came up to you and said that their mum said they aren’t allowed to see you or speak to you, because she doesn’t like your mum. You

    • “EXCUSE me? Since when do you give a damn what your mum thinks about my mum! What’s her problem anyway, my mums a MILLION times better and she knows it!” Eh, been trying to get rid of you for 7 years anyway
    • Say, “You’re kidding, right? Dude that isn’t a good enough reason, talk to your mum again. We’ve been friends for 7 years, what’s her problem anyway?”
    • Speak to their mum, or get your mum to speak to their mum
    • Cry quietly that night and look glum for the rest of the week. You respect their decision.
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    You know that one person in your life who you only put up with day after day for YOUR friends? Well while you’re talking to a friend (of the opposite gender) they come up and go on as if they’ve found out you were dating. You know they know you’re not. You

    • Go red and apologise to your friend when they leave.
    • Say “Oh, didn’t I tell you? That’s probably cause its NONE OF YOUR BLOODY BUSINESS.”
    • Tell your parents they’re picking on you and plot mild revenge.
    • Finally lose it. “I’VE ONLY BEEN PUTTING UP WITH YOU BECAUSE MY FRIENDS DON’T SEE THE JERK YOU ARE. FLY TO HELL AND MAKE EVERYONE’S DAY!” and spend the rest of the month giving them filthy looks when you see them.
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    Mr Popular is standing in front of your locker with all of his friends. They don’t notice you. As usual. You

    • Say “Hey, if you HAVE to be taking up space, please do it in front of your OWN locker.”
    • Say “excuse me” three times until they notice you.
    • Wait for them to leave. You don’t want them to notice you. They might make fun of you.
    • Step right in on the conversation. “–just cause a piece of shit’s surrounded by flies, does that make it popular?” push past and do what you were there to do.

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