How immature are you?


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    You are in “Family Life” and start talking about puberty. You…

    • Can’t help but laugh!
    • Pay close attention
    • Do whatever. You know this stuff already
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    Someone in your English class lets one rip very loudly! What do you do?

    • Giggle or smile. I don’t want to seem immature.
    • Laugh your guts out!
    • Ignore it.
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    Your friend tells you a joke about a guy/girl you have a crush on. How do you react?

    • Get really mad! You like that person a lot.
    • Pretend like it’s funny, but then get mad later.
    • Laugh at the joke. Hey, it was pretty funny!
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    You’re at the movie theater and there are a bunch of little kids from a daycare in front of you. They won’t stop talking! What do you do?

    • Leave.
    • Politely tell them to be quiet once in awhile.
    • Tell them to shut up! The movie is getting good.
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    You’re at the movies again, and there is a fat guy in front of you. He is disgustingly overweight, and his fat is rolling out in every direction! It’s totally gross, and you…

    • Ignore him. It’s gross, remember?
    • Turn around and start giggling. You don’t want him to notice.
    • Laugh really loud and take a picture of him with your phone, and send it to your friends.
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    A cashier gets your change wrong by 50¢ at the store. How do you respond?

    • Tell him politely to give you your money.
    • Tell him that he messed up completely and that he needs to give you the right amount of money.
    • Leave. It’s just 50¢, he can keep it.
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    Your younger sibling does the “potty dance”. You…

    • Dance with them.
    • Get them into the bathroom!
    • Roll your eyes and giggle.
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    You fall on the steps at school. Also, your crush is behind you! How do you react?

    • Giggle and blush.
    • Run away and cry!
    • Blush a little, and then forget about it.
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    Your class had been bad today, so your teacher is giving a mean lecture and her face is getting all red. She’s yelling her head off, and you…

    • Think it’s hilarious! You can’t help but laugh!
    • Raise your eyebrows and look at your friend.
    • Feel bad about what you guys did.
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    Lastly, does anybody ever call you “immature”?

    • No.
    • Maybe…
    • Yes, quite frequently.

How mature are you?

Are you mean or kind?