How Insecure Are You Really?

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    It’s party time! What are you doing?

    • Trying to mingle, but mostly sticking with friends
    • I don’t really do parties
    • Hitting the dance floor
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    How much happiness do you put on the way you look?

    • More than I should, but I’m trying not to
    • Not much, but it definitely hasn’t always been that way
    • A lot
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    How often do you give random compliments?

    • Not very often
    • Sometimes
    • I try to give compliments often
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    What would you do if someone randomly complimented you?

    • Wonder if they actually meant it for you
    • Say thanks, but wonder if you should have been more humble
    • Say thanks
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    Who do you talk to about your insecurities?

    • Both trusted friends and family members and professionals
    • Trusted friends and family members
    • No one
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    How do you usually try to deal with your insecurities?

    • Recognize that you have them and try to nip them in the bud
    • Talk about them with someone if they get too bothersome
    • Try to ignore them until they go away
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    Which of these makes you the most nervous?

    • Going somewhere by yourself
    • Meeting new people
    • Rejection
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    Your group of friends go out without you. What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

    • Worry it was on purpose, but shrug it off
    • Good for them
    • You’re worried that they did it on purpose
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    What would you do if you suspected your significant other was flirting with someone else?

    • Bring up and discuss your concerns immediately
    • Wearily try to keep trusting them until you have concrete evidence
    • Be very hurt but hesitant to bring it up
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    Which of these do you fear the most?

    • Not being able to pursue your dreams
    • Not finding love
    • Being a failure
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    How confident are you in the way that you look?

    • 20% – 40% confident
    • 40% – 60% confident
    • 60% – 80% confident
    • 80% -100% confident
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    Do you believe in your capabilities?

    • Rarely
    • Sometimes
    • Most times
    • All the time
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    How easily are you embarrassed?

    • Too easily
    • Not easily
    • Somewhat easily
    • Very easily
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    Do you find yourself looking over your shoulder a lot?

    • Never
    • Sometimes
    • Frequently
    • All the time
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    Have you ever struggled with your weight?

    • I still do
    • I used to
    • Not really
    • Never

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