How Intimidating Are You?


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    Your friend says you look like you just got out of bed. You:

    • Smile and awkwardly scratch my head
    • Give my friend a look that says they’d better watch their mouth, because I ain’t in the mood to argue with them right now
    • They wouldn’t say that. They know I’d beat them up if they did
    • Shrug and laugh it off
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    During an argument, you’d most likely be the person who:

    • Tries to end the argument
    • Starts the argument (and wins it, of course).
    • Makes sure I win, giving valid information on what I believe is right
    • Do nothing – there’s no point in having a pointless argument
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    How do most people act toward you? (Be honest – the test won’t be accurate if you’re not 100 percent honest.)

    • Most of them respect me, or at least know who they’re talking to
    • Rude, sometimes; at others, they know not to mess with me
    • Kind of rude…or they don’t respect my privacy
    • They’re just normal, but if they’re going to show me attitude, I won’t hesitate to show mine, either
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    Someone threatens to beat you up. You:

    • Give a snarky reply and say I wouldn’t mind beating them up, either
    • Reply with a snappy comeback, then laugh the whole thing off
    • Don’t say anything, or change the subject
    • Punch them. I don’t fight with words, I fight with deeds (using my fists)
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    In a fight, you’re most likely to be the person:

    • Probably telling an adult, or just getting out of there
    • In the audience cheering on my friend
    • Beating up my opponent and focused on winning. After all, they asked for it
    • Fighting
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    You’re in class and completely lost as to what’s going on. You turn to a classmate to see where the class is at, when your classmate says, “Stop copying!” You reply with:

    • “Chill – I am not copying you”
    • “Umm, sorry – I just needed to see what page we’re on now”
    • “I only copy smart people, sorry”
    • “Does it look like I’m copying you? Because I’m not! I need to look where the class is at, SMARTASS!”
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    When you tell someone to do something, they:

    • Go do it right away
    • Will probably ignore me, or they might do it
    • Give me a look, but then finally decide to do it
    • Probably won’t even give me a second thought
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    Someone roasts you. You:

    • Laugh along with everyone else, but secretly think of a plan to get them back
    • Think of a clever comeback and make sure they’re the butt of my hilarious joke
    • Hope my cheeks stop being so red very soon
    • Roast them back. Not once, not twice, but I’ll make sure they won’t embarrass me like that again
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    When people say something rude to you, you tend to:

    • Lash out
    • Ignore them
    • Well, I’m actually really nice. But if people are going to be rude to me, then I’m afraid that might be a problem
    • Not really care. It’s not really any of my business what they think of me
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    Do you like it when people respect you?

    • I guess, but I don’t want them to be afraid of me or anything
    • Who wouldn’t? *Rolls eyes*
    • People don’t really respect me
    • Love it! It’s the best feeling in the world!

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