How long will you last together?

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    Do you think they love you?

    • Of course
    • Maybe
    • I hope so
    • No
    • Duh
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    Do you see your self getting married to them or having children?

    • Possibly
    • It will depend
    • Definitely
    • Ew no
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    Does their family like you?

    • No
    • Yes but I hate them
    • They love me
    • Only a few people do
    • I’ve never met them
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    How do you spend time with them?

    • I’ve never met up with them
    • We just cuddle at home
    • We argue most then time
    • We go on dates
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    How often do you talk?

    • Hardly ever
    • All the time
    • Only an hour a day
    • Once a week
    • Every time we talk we argue
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    How long do you think you’ll last?

    • Only a few years
    • Forever
    • A couple months
    • Not very long
    • No clue
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    How similar are yous?

    • We’re completely opposite
    • We like a few of the same things
    • Extremely
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    Does their friends like you?

    • Obviously they’re my friends too
    • Only a few of them do
    • I’ve never met their friends
    • No they hate me
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    Do they talk to other people? Aka could possibly cheat on you

    • Yes and I don’t mind
    • No they love me too much
    • Yes but they don’t listen to me
    • Not that I know of
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    Are they the right person for you?

    • Not sure
    • Yep
    • I hope so
    • Noooo
    • Possibly
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    What date would you go on for your 1 year?

    • Just stay home and have a takeaway
    • A picnic
    • Movies
    • Being intimate
    • A posh restaurant
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    Do you think you’ll last long

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
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    Thanks for taking the quiz hope you get the right results x

    • Results!
    • You are welcome
    • 🙂
    • Thanks
    • Ew
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    How long have you’d been together so far?

    • A month
    • A few months
    • We’re not together yet
    • Over a year
    • A week
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    Do you love them?

    • Not too sure
    • No
    • Obviously
    • Yes
    • I’m starting to second guess our relationship

Where is your relationship going?

How Long Will It Last?