How Long Will You Survive In The Wild?

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    When you become stranded, what should be your immediate priority?

    • Food
    • Water
    • Shelter
    • Making sure I still have my belongings
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    Are you attached to your phone?

    • I can’t live without it
    • I’m pretty attached
    • Not really
    • I don’t own a cellphone
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    What color mushrooms should you eat?

    • The bright ones
    • The grey or white ones
    • You shouldn’t eat a mushroom unless you know it’s safe
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    When you don’t know the answer to something, do you always look it up online?

    • Yes I do
    • Sometimes
    • No I don’t
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    Are you able to light a fire with just a few sticks?

    • Yes I can
    • I’ve never tried
    • No I can’t
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    What should you do if you stumble across a black bear?

    • Stand my ground and make noise
    • Find high ground
    • Try to run away
    • I’m unsure
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    What do you believe is the best place to be stranded?

    • An island
    • The desert
    • A jungle
    • A jungle
    • The mountains
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    How long can a person survive without food?

    • 30 days
    • 10 days
    • A week
    • I’m unsure
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    What should you do when you realize you’re lost?

    • Stay put so people can find me
    • Try to find supplies
    • Yell for people to hear me
    • I don’t know
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    Would you say you have good survival instincts?

    • Not at all
    • Somewhat
    • Yes I do
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    Your plane crash landed in the middle of a dense forest and you’re the only survivor. The wreckage is in flames. What do you do first?

    • Search the wreckage for anything I can use
    • Try to get a cellphone signal to call for help
    • Clear the area immediately
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    Can you swim?

    • I can doggie paddle
    • I’m a decent swimmer
    • I’m a top-notch swimmer
    • If by swimming you mean sink to the bottom of a body of water, then yes
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    Night is falling. Where do you build your shelter?

    • In a tree
    • In a hole in the ground
    • On the forest floor
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    Which activity were you most likely to do as a kid?

    • Read
    • Play video games
    • Catch bugs
    • Build a fort
    • Play sports or hide & seek
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    You could really use some food. How do you hunt for it?

    • Build a bow and arrow
    • Build a fishing pole or spear
    • Build a slingshot
    • Throw rocks at stuff
    • I’d rather forage

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