How long will your relationships last?



Well the forever-together times have long passed away and nowadays relationships barely last a few months. One of the many reasons is again social media and the new dating culture which involves quick rounds and swiping pictures left and right as if its a quiz show which then affects the duration of a relationship for which it lasts.

According to a new study in UK it has been discovered that there is no perfect fairy tale romance anymore because the average relationships are much shorter than ever before because the new average is two years and nine months. None of the couples involved had children and half of them were either married or living together before they broke up. Now the drastic difference here is when you compare this study by the 208 poll according to which the average back then was 15 years.

This is a huge leap and it won’t be unfair to say that this is a direct result of social media taking a toll on our social life and making us antisocial to the extent where we are no more capable of making a commitment and being in a relationship. The first study was organised by where as the second one was carried out by The Observer. Both the studies reveal .interesting fact about how much our lives have changed because of extreme use of the social media

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  • Question of

    Do you feel like you can be your true self around your partner?

    • Absolutely. I am loved for who I am.
    • Most of the time.
    • Not really. I don’t feel that he/she really accepts me.
    • No, he/she would throw me out.
  • Question of

    Do you think your partner is your ‘soul mate?’

    • I don’t believe in that kind of thing
    • Yes!
    • No. He/She is just passing time with me.
    • How can I be sure? I don’t know.
  • Question of

    You trust your partner with your life – TRUE/FALSE?

    • TRUE
    • FALSE
  • Question of

    Do you ask each other for help?

    • All the time
    • I do
    • He/She does
    • Not really
  • Question of

    When you’re out together in a group, you:

    • Are totally comfortable socializing together
    • Are competing for our friends’ attention
    • I keep an eye on him/her
    • He/She barely goes out with me anymore
  • Question of

    You would risk anything for your partner- TRUE/FALSE?

    • TRUE
    • FALSE
  • Question of

    When you’re around your partner, do you feel loved?

    • I’m not that lovable. He/She will probably fall for someone else, that is if they still haven’t.
    • Sometimes I feel insecure, but most of the time – yes.
    • I don’t know. Maybe.
    • Yes. I honestly do.
  • Question of

    What’s your gut instinct?

    • We will make this work. I love him/her too much not to.
    • He/She will fall out of love with me soon
    • I don’t know, I’m confused.
    • I have a bad feeling about us
  • Question of

    More than anything you want your partner to be happy – TRUE/FALSE?

    • TRUE
    • FALSE
  • Question of

    If your partner became out of shape, ill or disfigured; would it change your view of them as a person and break you up?

    • Definitely. I’m not his/her mother.
    • Unconditional love, baby. I’m staying.
    • That really depends on what exactly happened.
    • I have no idea.
  • Question of

    How would you describe your sex life?

    • Our chemistry is electric!
    • Lately it’s not as good as it used to be.
    • Not great, but isn’t that what happens to all couples?
    • Our relationship isn’t so much about sex.
  • Question of

    You would do anything for your partner – TRUE/FALSE?

    • TRUE
    • FALSE

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