How long will your relationships last?

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    Do you feel like you can be your true self around your partner?

    • Absolutely. I am loved for who I am.
    • Most of the time.
    • Not really. I don’t feel that he/she really accepts me.
    • No, he/she would throw me out.
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    Do you think your partner is your ‘soul mate?’

    • I don’t believe in that kind of thing
    • Yes!
    • No. He/She is just passing time with me.
    • How can I be sure? I don’t know.
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    You trust your partner with your life – TRUE/FALSE?

    • TRUE
    • FALSE
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    Do you ask each other for help?

    • All the time
    • I do
    • He/She does
    • Not really
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    When you’re out together in a group, you:

    • Are totally comfortable socializing together
    • Are competing for our friends’ attention
    • I keep an eye on him/her
    • He/She barely goes out with me anymore
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    You would risk anything for your partner- TRUE/FALSE?

    • TRUE
    • FALSE
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    When you’re around your partner, do you feel loved?

    • I’m not that lovable. He/She will probably fall for someone else, that is if they still haven’t.
    • Sometimes I feel insecure, but most of the time – yes.
    • I don’t know. Maybe.
    • Yes. I honestly do.
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    What’s your gut instinct?

    • We will make this work. I love him/her too much not to.
    • He/She will fall out of love with me soon
    • I don’t know, I’m confused.
    • I have a bad feeling about us
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    More than anything you want your partner to be happy – TRUE/FALSE?

    • TRUE
    • FALSE
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    If your partner became out of shape, ill or disfigured; would it change your view of them as a person and break you up?

    • Definitely. I’m not his/her mother.
    • Unconditional love, baby. I’m staying.
    • That really depends on what exactly happened.
    • I have no idea.
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    How would you describe your sex life?

    • Our chemistry is electric!
    • Lately it’s not as good as it used to be.
    • Not great, but isn’t that what happens to all couples?
    • Our relationship isn’t so much about sex.
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    You would do anything for your partner – TRUE/FALSE?

    • TRUE
    • FALSE

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