How much random Twilight knowledge you have?

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    In ‘Breaking Dawn Part One’, who calls Edward’s phone after Bella makes her realization of her pregnancy?

    • Alice
    • Rosalie
    • Carlisle
    • Emmett
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    In ‘Twilight’, who is the vampire that bites Bella and where?

    • Laurent, on her right thigh
    • James, on her right wrist
    • Jasper, on her neck
    • Victoria, on her right bicep
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    In ‘Breaking Dawn Part One’, before Bella walks down the aisle, who says, ‘So do you think she’ll be showing?’?

    • Angela
    • Seth
    • Renee
    • Jessica
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    In ‘New Moon’, does Jacob take Bella to the hospital after she crashes the motorcycle?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not right away
    • Yes leaving the bikes behind
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    In ‘Twilight: Eclipse’, who disposes of the newborn vampire girl, Bree Tanner?

    • Felix, on Jane’s orders
    • Marcus, on Jane’s orders
    • Jane, on Aro’s orders
    • Caius, on Aro’s orders
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    In ‘Twilight’, what does Charlie say to Bella when she mentions seeing Edward?

    • ‘He’s a nice kid.’
    • ‘Doesn’t his dad work for the hospital?’
    • ‘Isn’t he a vampire?’
    • ‘Isn’t he a little old for you?’
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    During the credits of ‘Breaking Dawn Part One’, what group is shown?

    • The Quileutes
    • The Cullens
    • The Volturi
    • The Wolf Pack
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    Rachel Lefevere portrays Victoria in ‘Twilight’ and ‘New Moon’, but who portrays Victoria in ‘Twilight: Eclipse’?

    • Ashley Greene
    • Kristen Stewart
    • Bryce Dallas Howard
    • Dakota Fanning
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    In ‘Twilight: Eclipse’, who is killed FIRST during the fight at the campsite?

    • Victoria
    • Riley
    • Bella
    • Edward
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    In ‘Breaking Dawn Part One’, before Bella goes into the water with Edward she says, ‘I need a few human moments.’ What is the first thing she does in the bathroom?

    • brushes her teeth
    • rinses off
    • brushes her hair
    • shaves her legs
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    In ‘Twilight: Eclipse’, in Rosalie’s story of her transformation, does she drink the men’s blood who tortured her?

    • Yes, in a fit of revenge.
    • No, but she does kill them.
    • No, she changes them
    • Yes, she traps them all and goes one by one.
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    In ‘Twilight’, what fruit does Bella drop when Edward comes to talk to her at lunch?

    • pear
    • banana
    • apple
    • orange
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    In ‘Twilight: Eclipse’, by whom and for what reason was Jasper changed?

    • Rosalie, out of revenge on men
    • Carlisle, he was dying
    • Maria, to lead her newborn army
    • Alice, they fell in love
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    In ‘Breaking Dawn Part One’, what is the Wolf Pack’s most absolute law?

    • A member of the pack cannot be harmed.
    • A person who has been imprinted cannot be harmed.
    • A member cannot leave the pack.
    • A child cannot be imprinted.
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    In ‘New Moon’, what color robes are the patrons of the festival wearing?

    • black
    • orange
    • green
    • red

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