How old do you really act?


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    What are your hobbies?

    • Playing
    • Social media
    • Shopping
    • Collecting
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    Your friends are inviting you to a party but your parents won’t let you go. What do you do?

    • Listen to them but secretly cry
    • Let them know that you are going
    • Listen to them respectfully
    • Listen to them but sneak out
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    There’s a new store that has everything, what do you buy?

    • Toys
    • Video games or electronics
    • A pretty tea set
    • Clothes
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    Are you enjoying this quiz?

    • It’s pretty cool
    • No, not really
    • It’s okay
    • Yesssss!ยก!
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    You turn on the TV, what do you watch?

    • News channel or cooking show
    • Keeping up with the Kardashians
    • A show that plays classical songs
    • Disney channel
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    Your friend is coming over, what do you do?

    • Talk about the old days
    • Play hide and seek
    • Gossip and play video games or just chat
    • Have some tea and watch TV
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    You have 2 hours left until you die, what do you do?

    • Update your social media
    • Play
    • Throw a final party
    • Spend the whole day with your family
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    How do you normally text?

    • I just text when necessary, my texts are very professional
    • What is text?
    • I’m not allowed to text
    • I use short forms and smileys
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    What is your signature fashion style?

    • (Girls and boys) wool or cotton sweater and socks
    • (Girls) nice heels and branded bags (boys) sophisticated tie
    • (Girls) a nice dress (boys) a t-shirt and pants
    • (Girls) crop tops and shorts (boys) beanies and low pants
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    What kind of music do you listen to?

    • Nursery rhymes
    • Classical
    • Pop and classical
    • Rap, pop, dubstep, any famous song

Are you really emotional?

How mature are you?