How Over Him Are You?

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    Do you have any nicknames?

    • No, that would be odd.
    • No, I always kind of wanted one though.
    • I used to have one.
    • Yes, and I love it.
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    Are you imaginative?

    • I don’t think I am really.
    • I think so, but doesn’t everyone think so?
    • Sure I am.
    • Yes, I am so imaginative.
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    Do you have a type?

    • Seriously? No.
    • I don’t think so, but now that you mention it.
    • Maybe a little
    • Totally
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    Do you think of your ex when being romantic with someone else?

    • No, that is nasty.
    • No, that is not my vibe.
    • Sometimes I do briefly.
    • All the time
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    How many books are on your nightstand waiting to be read?

    • None
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3 or more
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    Do you think a lot about whether people like you?

    • I never think about it.
    • Sometimes
    • I do a lot.
    • I do all the time.
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    Do you still think about him/her?

    • Sometimes they cross my mind..
    • No, I have forced myself to forget.
    • All the time…
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    Do you fantasise about kissing them again?

    • Almost all the time
    • Not really, they hurt me a lot
    • Never, ew
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    Do you talk to your friends about them?

    • Sometimes I guess
    • Everyday
    • No, I don’t want to annoy them
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    Do you sometimes catch yourself staring at them?

    • Never
    • Not really, I try to avoid them
    • Yes..
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    When you listen to sad/love songs do you think about them?

    • I don’t listen to that type of music
    • Every-time…
    • Never
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    Do you think you will get back with them?

    • I don’t think so, he/she hurt me a lot
    • I’d like to think so…
    • I can’t bare the thought
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    Do you still try to talk to them?

    • No, never
    • Yes, I text/call them all the time
    • Whenever I see them around I guess
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    What do you miss most about them?

    • Nothing
    • Being able to hold them
    • Not much, maybe their laugh
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    Do you cry about them?

    • Sometimes
    • Never
    • Almost everyday..
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    Did they hurt you?

    • A little bit
    • No, never ever
    • More than anyone has before…
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    Do you spend a lot of time on social media?

    • No, I never do.
    • Only in moments of great weakness
    • Most days I do.
    • Every day
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    Do you want to still be friends with people even if they have done you wrong?

    • No, that makes no sense.
    • Sometimes I do.
    • Yes, I wish I could be.
    • Sure, I appreciate friendship.
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    How often do you text people you’re dating?

    • Never
    • Once a week or so
    • Every day
    • Every hour
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    How emotional are you?

    • Not at all. Gross.
    • I don’t think I am.
    • I can be.
    • Totally emotional

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