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  1. Elephants

Elephants are already known for their superior intelligence, complex social systems, ability to feel empathy and altruistic behavour but a study has proved them to be the only non-primate land mammal which has passed the mirror test and showed self awareness. Not many people are aware of the fact that elephants are known to show self-awareness. A study which involved 3 elephants from Bronx Zoo in New York and an 8-foot long mirror was conducted in 2006 in order to observe the response of elephants. The elephants did not greet their reflections because of the presence of others in the cage,, instead inspected themselves and the insides of their own mouth. They tried to look behind the mirror, which showcased the realization of the mirror not being the end, whereas one of the three passed the color dot test by touching the painted mark on it’s head with it’s trunk.

  1. Orcas

Though very less details were published in media regarding the 2001 experiment which was aimed at revealing the self-reflective nature of orcas aka killer whales. The mirror test required the same setup as the test of Bottlenose dolphins, to which the orcas showed signs of contingency checking as if they wanted their image to look different. More signs of self-awareness were observed in the false killer whales to which researches concluded a sign of their cognitive abilities.

“A dozen or so guests gathered in the conservatory for breakfast. The sweet scent of jasmine perfumed the air and an aviary of lemon yellow canaries sang for them. They drank fresh-squeezed juice that smelled like orange blossoms and spooned perfect bites of soft-boiled eggs from fragile shells. White sunlight poured through the glass dome above their heads like an affirmation from heaven, and a constant breeze blew over them as though fanned by invisible servants.
Beyond the open doors stretched emerald lawn. Beyond the lawn, the ocean, blue as a robin’s egg.”
― Paula Wall, The Rock Orchard

“I hate this complete obsession with class, especially at this place, you can hardly say ‘hello’ to anyone before they are getting all prolier-than-thou and telling you about how their dad’s a one eyed chimney-sweep with rickets, and how they’ve still got an outside loo, and have never been on a plane or whatever, all that dubious crap, most of which is usually lies anyway, and I’m thinking why are you telling me this? Am I meant to feel guilty? D’you think it’s my fault or something, or are you just feeling pleased with yourself for escaping your pre-determined social role or some self congratulatory bullshit? I mean, what does it matter anyway? People are people, if you ask me, and they rise or fall by their own talents and merits, and their own labours, and blaming the fact they’ve got a settee rather than a sofa, or eat tea rather tan dinner, that’s just an excuse, it’s just whining self-pity and shoddy thinking…. I don;t make judgements about other people because of their background and I expect people to treat me with the same courtesy… It’s my parent’s moeny and its not as if they got it from nicking people’s dole or running sweatshops in Johannesburg or something. They worked fucking hard for what they’ve got. It’s a privilege and they treat it as such and they do their best to give something back. But if you ask me, theres no snob like an inverted snob… Im just so fucking bored of people trying to pass plain old envy off as some sort of virtue.”
― David Nicholls, Starter for Ten

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