How pretty are you scientifically?


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    How old are you?

    • 18-20
    • 21-25
    • 28-30
    • Under 18
    • 26-27
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    Do you love wearing make-up?

    • No I don’t at all, my face is okay.
    • Yes and no.
    • It make my face somehow that is why I don’t even like using it.
    • Yes I do, but not all the time!
    • Yes, all the time. I have a personal make-up artist.
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    Has anybody told you that you are pretty?

    • Countless times, I feel like I am the queen of the whole wide world. AM JUST SO CUTE!
    • Yes, but just a few.
    • Can’t recollect what someone should have!
    • No one cares!
    • Yes, just my boyfriend.
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    When you are going for dinner with your boo, what do you put on?

    • Don’t know because I don’t have a boo!
    • A pink Bikini, and a clutch bag.
    • I would dress like a princess going out with her prince!
    • A red shining gown, a sun shade, and hills.
    • Nothing special, just a dinner.
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    Do other girls compliment you?

    • Sometimes.
    • I don’t care.
    • Very well, they just really love me.
    • Not at all, they look at me like shit!
    • Almost all of the girls around me, but the others have psycho!
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    What is the colour of your hair?

    • Pink, sexy.
    • Brown.
    • Grey.
    • Red
    • Pure Black.
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    When you look at yourself in the mirror, who do you see?

    • Wow! I see a pretty, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous me. I can’t even say it all.
    • I see the most ugly girl in the universe.
    • Boring quiz!
    • Myself.
    • Nothing special.
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    What kind of body spray do you use?

    • One of the most expensive deodorants.
    • I don’t use body sprays.
    • Not too expensive.
    • Not too cheap
    • Cheap, but the scent is so lovely.
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    Do you have a boyfriend?

    • Yes, yes. He is so cute.
    • No, but I am looking for one.
    • No, I can’t. My parents are so strict.
    • No.
    • Yes, I just love him so much
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    Finally, did you enjoy this quiz?

    • ?
    • Yes, where’s my result?
    • Yes I really did.
    • Yes and no.
    • No, its so boring.

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