How rare is your personality?



Myers Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI might not get the acknowledgement it deserves but it definitely has an audience who believes that this is an interesting medium to get to know people.

Though all the 16 types are described quite extensively here are the top 3 which are considered the rarest of them all.


  • Percentage of Population (Based on U.S. Statistics): 8.1% (6 to 8%)
  • Strengths: Enthusiastic; Creative; Warm; Future-oriented; Individualistic; Caring; Optimistic; Insightful; Playful; Spontaneous
  • Weaknesses: Poor practical skills; Overthinking; Easily stressed; Highly emotional; Has difficulty focusing
  • Notable People Who Have These Traits: Quentin Tarantino; Will Smith; Robin Williams; Kelly Clarkson; and Russell Brand


  • Percentage of Population (Based on U.S. Statistics): 5.4% (4 to 6%)
  • Strengths: Logical; Quietly analytical; Practical; Curious; Problem-solver; Exact; Hands-on; Adventurous; Observer
  • Weaknesses: Stubborn; Insensitive; Private and Reserved; Easily bored; Engages in risky behavior
  • Notable People Who Have These Traits: Michael Jordan; Clint Eastwood; Tom Cruise; Milla Jovovich; and Bear Grylls


  • Percentage of Population (Based on U.S. Statistics): 4.4% (4 to 5%)
  • Strengths: Quietly caring; Compassionate; Creative; Idealistic; Empathic helpers; Inquisitive; Independent; Adaptable
  • Weaknesses: Too idealistic; Too altruistic; Impractical; Take things personally; Difficult to get to know
  • Notable People Who Have These Traits: William Shakespeare; Julia Roberts; William Wordsworth; J.R.R. Tolkien; and Alicia Keys

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    How often do you do your dishes?

    • I do them when I need a spoon.
    • I do them when the dishwasher is full.
    • I do them after every meal.
    • I do them when the sink is full.
  • Question of

    Do you prefer dogs or cats?

    • I prefer goldfish.
    • I like cats more.
    • I love them both.
    • I prefer dogs.
  • Question of

    Do you cry during movies?

    • It depends on the movie.
    • I always cry during movies.
    • I don’t cry over stuff like that.
    • I’ve cried during a couple movies.
  • Question of

    What would you rather do on a Saturday night?

    • I like to stay in and read.
    • I like to hit the club.
    • I like to watch movies.
    • I like to have food with friends.
  • Question of

    Which animal is the most fascinating?

    • Dolphin
    • Elephant
    • Anaconda
    • Leopard
  • Question of

    How would your boss describe your work?

    • Thorough
    • Accurate
    • Timely
    • Messy
  • Question of

    Do you use a lot of expletives?

    • I curse like a sailor.
    • I curse once in a while.
    • I curse when I’m angry.
    • I never curse.
  • Question of

    Are you tech savvy?

    • I’m great with computers.
    • I try to keep up.
    • I can operate my phone.
    • I’m not so great with technology.
  • Question of

    Which food could you eliminate from your diet?

    • Meat
    • Dairy
    • Seafood
    • Water
  • Question of

    How often do you eat fast food?

    • I never eat fast food.
    • I eat fast food a few times a month.
    • I eat fast food nearly every day.
    • I rarely eat fast food.
  • Question of

    Are you an extrovert?

    • I’m somewhere between extrovert and introvert.
    • I’m more of an introvert.
    • I’m a total extrovert.
    • It depends on the situation.
  • Question of

    Which word do you find most beautiful?

    • Rainbow
    • Hope
    • Faith
    • Family
  • Question of

    Which of the following makes your most squeamish?

    • Blood makes me dizzy.
    • I don’t like needles.
    • Snakes scare me.
    • Spiders freak me out.
  • Question of

    Which of the Seven Deadly Sins are you most likely to commit?

    • Gluttony
    • Wrath
    • Envy
    • Pride
  • Question of

    Do you have any artistic talent?

    • I’m very artistic.
    • I’m more crafty than artistic.
    • I wasn’t born with that talent.
    • I’m creative in the kitchen.

What role would you play in a teen movie?

Which Harry Potter character should you actually marry?