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    How good are you at maths?

    • Hmmm…I’m average.
    • £&@
    • Very good actually!
    • I know practically everything.
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    Which do you think best described you?

    • Too smart for your own good.
    • Thirsty for more…:-D
    • Kind and caring.
    • Dirty.
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    What do you like about getting famous?

    • More things open up for you to try and do.
    • I don’t.
    • The money.. Mwa ha ha ha!
    • The attention.
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    Look, gay question or not, select a pair of colors…

    • Green and anything wild! Yay
    • Just get on with it!
    • Red and black.
    • Um um… Blue and…blue?
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    What best describes you?

    • Optimistic.
    • Arrogant.
    • Pessimist.
    • Happy!
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    What subject are you best at? ( I know lots of people dislike this question but it’s relevant- ok?)

    • Sleeping. That counts as one doesn’t it?
    • Maths, science- I’m a full in genius.
    • Poetry, art, history….
    • I don’t really have one but my grades are adequate.
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    What is Honolulu?

    • A name? Jee-
    • I don’t care… (snore snore….)
    • Errrr sounds like a us state.
    • A city inside a state perhaps.
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    Choose a number… Not relevant but oh well…

    • 7
    • 222
    • 10
    • 69 hahaha
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    What makes do you put in an empty barrel to make it lighter?

    • Ermmmm
    • Air
    • Helium.
    • A hole.
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    What do you like the sound of… Hehehe…

    • Sex.
    • Food? I dunno.
    • Fire and ice! Hell yeah!
    • Anything that shimmers…

What is your mythical spirit animal?

Who is your Harry Potter Lookalike?