How Rich Will Your Future Boyfriend Be?



This is an age-old question that I have heard a variety of positions on, can males and ladies you need to be buddies?


The simple truth is ‘yes’ it may happen, but there should be one certain component that guarantees everything goes easily.


That component is deficiencies in romantic feelings.


As lengthy as possible both take a look at one another and still have NO feelings of lust, romance or attraction, then friendship can blossom. In cases like this, you’ve their finest interests in mind. You are there on their behalf without any reason. You may be honest together, support them through their good and the bad, and become constantly encouraging and passionate regarding their dating and relationship encounters.




However, where things end up with complicated happens when either individuals develop more powerful and much more intense feelings for your partner. The friendship is not likely to work. The main reason, jealousy, possessiveness, anger and heartbreak.

“Don’t make the mistake of looking down on your partner. You’re only on that pedestal because they put you up there.”
― Kamand Kojouri

“I don’t know why we fight.
It takes much too effort to stay mad at you.
To dodge your skin in the hallway
and leave the kitchen without bringing you a treat.
It takes much too effort to stare at the sink
so my eyes don’t smile at you in the mirror.
It takes much too effort to look away as we undress
and lie apart in the now bigger bed.
It takes much too effort to stiffen my body
because sleepy limbs forget fights
and pride is always lost in dreams.
It takes much too effort to awaken every hour to make sure we are islands with a gulf of white sheets separating us.
I dread the light peeking through the parted curtains
and empathise with your groans —
I didn’t get any sleep either.
I really don’t know why we fight.
It takes much too effort to stay mad at one another
when it’s so easy for us to love.”
― Kamand Kojouri

“I write our names on the page.
What of it, if the paper will be burned?
I write our names in the sand.
What of it, if the shore will be washed by waves?
I write our names on trees that will be cut
and benches that will be painted,
but what of it?
I will keep on writing our names
because in this world of ephemera,
You and I are the only constant.”
― Kamand Kojouri

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  • Question of

    In the course of your education, what’s the fanciest piece of paper you’ve collected?

    • PhD
    • Bachelors
    • High school diploma or trade qualification
    • Masters
  • Question of

    What is your ceiling for an impulse purchase?

    • $250
    • $50
    • $25
    • $15
  • Question of

    Where is the best place to meet men?

    • Through friends
    • At work
    • Online
    • In a bar
  • Question of

    Does your next boyfriend have to be husband material?

    • Yes, please!
    • I’d prefer it.
    • Ideally
    • No thanks!
  • Question of

    How important is the option for you to stay home with the kids?

    • I love my career, but the option is nice in theory.
    • I’d like to know I could, for a year or two.
    • I’d love that, but I realize it is not likely to be possible.
    • Long term, I’d love to have a house-husband who will do that!
  • Question of

    What is your idea of a romantic evening?

    • Boat ride and a fancy dinner
    • Dinner and a movie
    • A walk in the park at sunset
    • Making love on the beach
  • Question of

    Do you compare your life to your friends’ a lot?

    • Never!
    • All the time!
    • Not often
    • More than is healthy
  • Question of

    What sort of neighborhood did you grow up in?

    • Private estate my parents owned
    • Nice affluent suburb
    • Working-class
    • Mixed
  • Question of

    How many people live in your town?

    • Just a few in the village
    • About 100,000
    • About 250,000
    • Millions
  • Question of

    What kind of shoes do you wear to work?

    • Sneakers or Manolos, depending on who else is there.
    • Low heel
    • Steel-toed boots
    • Fashionable ankle boots
  • Question of

    Are you comfortable around money?

    • Yep!
    • I pretend I am, and that’s what matters.
    • I don’t feel strongly either way.
    • No, and I can’t hide it!
  • Question of

    How do you react if he offers to pay on your first date?

    • I let him, but I say I’ll get the next date.
    • I offer to split it, but I let him pay and say thank you nicely.
    • I appreciate it and offer to get the tip or the drinks.
    • I insist on splitting it.
  • Question of

    Be honest — is his financial position important to you?

    • I’m not naive, but I am also a high earner myself, so it’s not very important.
    • I do like nice things, so it is somewhat, yes.
    • It’s important that he works hard, but I don’t care what he makes.
    • I really don’t care.
  • Question of

    He’s going through some stuff and needs you to support him for six months. What do you consider a good enough reason to do this?

    • He’s taking an unpaid sabbatical to write a book and travel.
    • He’s sick, or a close family member is sick.
    • He’s injured.
    • I would never do that.
  • Question of

    How do you like to stay in shape?

    • I have a trainer and a nutritionist.
    • I go to the gym.
    • I lift and run.
    • I do yoga.

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