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    Your friends will describe you as-

    • Caring
    • Brave
    • Random
    • Outgoing
    • Kind
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    At school you are-

    • The person who is shy, quiet, nerd-like
    • You are normal, medium group of friends
    • The smart one, you are known for your brains
    • The outgoing, partying person
    • The person EVERYONE knows (in a popular way or nerdish way)
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    Your style involves wearing clothes like-

    • Anything with the latest trend (Short shorts or vans etc.)
    • Whatever you want -depends on your mood usually
    • Sweaters and skinny jeans
    • Sports gear
    • T-shirt with sweatpants
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    Your favourite foods are-

    • Tacos, nachos and burritos
    • Salads, pastas, rice, sushi, noodles
    • Sweets!
    • Anything exotic -you only want the best
    • Sandwiches, toasties, etc.
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    You have nothing to do and it is the weekend, what do you do?

    • Call a few friends over and have a slumber party
    • Play on the computer
    • Anything that will pass time
    • Read or finish homework for school
    • Go anywhere there is adventure- somewhere you have never been before
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    At theme parks you are the type of person who-

    • Watch everyone else go on the rides because you are scared
    • Eat cotton candy
    • Go in a carousel if you are brave
    • Goes on every single ride, nothing scares you
    • Back out last minute on the scary rides
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    Your dream job is-

    • An astronaut or person who travels
    • Work at McDonalds
    • Sports star
    • IT/ computers
    • Other
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    During gym class you-

    • Sit in the corner and can’t wait until it is done
    • Don’t participate
    • Try your best probably will fail but whatever
    • SMASH IT! You and everyone agrees that you are beast at sport including the teacher
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    Your interests include-

    • Partying
    • Going on adventures
    • Reading
    • Netflix and food
    • Sport
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