How romantic are you?

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    What does marriage remind you of?

    • A wonderful unity to express eternal love
    • It seems like a nice idea with the right person
    • A terrifying concept really
    • Hell
    • When you know….you know
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    What would you do if someone was inappropriate to your girlfriend while you were out on the town?

    • Make a stern comment and escort your lady away from the brute
    • Let her take care of it, she can take care of herself
    • Back away slowly and pretend you didn’t see it
    • Hit them! You have to defend her honor
    • Make a witty comment and publicly embarrass the person until they leave
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    What anniversary do you acknowledge when you are married?

    • None of them if you can get away with it
    • I never forget the day my life changed and I love to celebrate it! Just that day though.
    • All of them, the day you met is just as important as the first kiss and the wedding day
    • Just the wedding day and a small date night on the dating anniversary
    • Just the wedding day, when you remember
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    How often should you bring flowers?

    • I don’t think to unless she asks me
    • Every once in awhile to remind her your thinking of her
    • Every week
    • Every major event (birthday, anniversary, etc.)
    • When you do something wrong
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    Best candy?

    • Lollipops
    • Mints
    • Assorted candy box
    • Chocolate
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    What is the most romantic proposal place?

    • Basketball game
    • Spontaneously while laying in bed
    • Public dinner at a nice restaurant
    • The place you had your first date
    • Private romantic dinner at home
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    What is your idea of the perfect first date?

    • Take out and video games…. You mostly cleaned
    • Coffee and an art show
    • A movie and dinner
    • A moonlight stroll by the ocean that leads to a candle lit dinner
    • A nice home cooked meal
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    Who is the most romantic person from the list below?

    • James Dean
    • Antonio Banderes
    • Martin Short
    • Kasanova
    • Motzart
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    What is the most romantic gift?

    • The thing she has been hinting at for months
    • A nice heart pendant
    • A trip to another country
    • That thing she’s been asking for and something thoughtful she never expected
    • Teddy bear and chocolates
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    How often do you ask about her day?

    • Never
    • Every week at some point
    • A few times a day
    • Whenever I remember
    • Once a day

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