How Romantic Are You?



Hey there guys. How was your day? I hope you all are doing well. Today we will be discussing an important topic How romantic are you? Romance is one of the most complicated topics on the planet. So we would be discussing it with utmost justification possible given in our limited time. To start off romance is something that happens most of the time naturally. Our brain constantly feels attracted to the opposite sex. Now that doesn’t mean that we should have multiple romance partners.

If you look at it that way then I would say that you would not be happy for your entire life and it would be a pretty tough life for you. This is the reason we should take into account multiple factors before choosing our life partners. Like for example we could take into account what do they want in their life. Now if you are okay with their pursuits and the other one also agrees to your pursuits then it would be a perfect match in my opinion. We should take other things into consideration because sooner or later the physical attraction would fade away and you would be only left with their bare bone personality.

All the relationship gurus don’t seem to address this basic issue and they teach you all kinds of shit. If you have sorted out the first point then you could move on to look for other checkpoints like their desires, physical appearance and other things. If you don’t prioritize this way then sooner or later you would be ruined. Breakups costs you way more than you think. It costs you financially, emotionally and in many different ways. If you could take these things into account then you would remain happy with your relationship. There are many more things to consider in life.

I hope you liked my short article. If you have any insights into the topic then feel free to share it down into the comments section below. Play the quiz as well and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. I hope to see you in my next article.

“There is no pretending,” Jace said with absolute clarity. “I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there is life after that, I’ll love you then.”
― Cassandra Clare, City of Glass

“I no longer believed in the idea of soul mates, or love at first sight. But I was beginning to believe that a very few times in your life, if you were lucky, you might meet someone who was exactly right for you. Not because he was perfect, or because you were, but because your combined flaws were arranged in a way that allowed two separate beings to hinge together.”
― Lisa Kleypas, Blue-Eyed Devil

“You can’t force love, I realized. It’s there or it isn’t. If it’s not there, you’ve got to be able to admit it. If it is there, you’ve got to do whatever it takes to protect the ones you love.”
― Richelle Mead, Frostbite

“I have a history of making decisions very quickly about men. I have always fallen in love fast and without measuring risks. I have a tendency not only to see the best in everyone, but to assume that everyone is emotionally capable of reaching his highest potential. I have fallen in love more times than I care to count with the highest potential of a man, rather than with the man himself, and I have hung on to the relationship for a long time (sometimes far too long) waiting for the man to ascend to his own greatness. Many times in romance I have been a victim of my own optimism.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

“If he’s not calling you, it’s because you are not on his mind. If he creates expectations for you, and then doesn’t follow through on little things, he will do same for big things. Be aware of this and realize that he’s okay with disappointing you. Don’t be with someone who doesn’t do what they say they’re going to do. If he’s choosing not to make a simple effort that would put you at ease and bring harmony to a recurring fight, then he doesn’t respect your feelings and needs. “Busy” is another word for “asshole.” “Asshole” is another word for the guy you’re dating. You deserve a fcking phone call.”
― Greg Behrendt

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    How do you feel about pet names?

    • I think they’re adorable
    • I’m okay with some of them
    • They’re pretty cute
    • I’m not a big fan
    • Ew
  • Question of

    Are you a fan of cuddling?

    • Of course
    • I absolutely love it
    • It’s alright
    • I’m not a fan
  • Question of

    Pick a romantic date

    • A hot air balloon ride
    • Scuba diving
    • Picnic on the beach
    • A stand-up comedy show
    • Other
  • Question of

    Are you a fan of public display of affection?

    • Nah, I think it’s gross
    • Definitely
    • Only small gestures
    • I’m unsure
  • Question of

    What romantic gift would you like most?

    • A stuffed animal
    • Jewelry
    • Chocolates
    • Concert tickets
    • Other
  • Question of

    Do you believe in love at first sight?

    • Absolutely
    • No way
    • Maybe
  • Question of

    What do you tend to look for in a lover?

    • Passion
    • Humor
    • Loyalty
    • Sensitivity
    • Something else
  • Question of

    Do you believe in the concept of soul mates?

    • I think we can have many
    • I definitely do
    • There’s a possibility
    • I’m unsure
    • Not a chance
  • Question of

    Do you need lots of physical attention?

    • Yes I do
    • It depends
    • Not really
  • Question of

    Would you say you’re a flirt?

    • Of course
    • Somewhat
    • Definitely not
  • Question of

    If you could choose any movie genre to watch, what would it be?

    • A romantic drama
    • A romantic comedy
    • Anything but romance
    • It doesn’t really matter
  • Question of

    Your anniversary is coming up, so you:

    • Plan a candlelit dinner followed by dancing, a jazz club and intimate time together.
    • Go to dinner and a movie.
    • Will figure something out.
    • Don’t do anything. It’s just another day.
  • Question of

    Have you ever made breakfast in bed for your partner?

    • All of the time. I look for different recipes, ingredients and dishes to try.
    • Sometimes on special occasions.
    • If my partner is sick, I try to help out.
    • Never, it’s too much work.
  • Question of

    Do you remember your first kiss?

    • Yes, I know who it was with, how old I was, where we were and even what I was wearing.
    • I know who it was with, but not many other details.
    • I think I possibly remember who it was with, but that’s all.
    • I don’t remember it at all.
  • Question of

    Would your friends consider you a romantic person?

    • Yes, they come to me for advice with their love-lives.
    • I think so.
    • I’m not really sure.
    • Not at all. That’s not my thing.

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