How Secure Is Your Marriage

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    How often do you think about your spouse during the day?

    • Maybe Once or Twice
    • Who?
    • Several Times throughout the day.
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    What is your reaction when your spouse enters the room?

    • I’m so glad to see you.
    • Why are you here?
    • Wait for the next commercial, then I’ll greet you.
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    When you fight, how often do you threaten divorce?

    • Every time we have an argument.
    • Never. I don’t believe in divorce.
    • Only when we really start yelling at each other.
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    When you talk about your marriage, what is your attitude about your mate?

    • I could have done better, but I’ll keep him/her.
    • He/she is God’s gift to me.
    • Getting married to him/her was the worst decision ever.
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    How often do you say ‘I love you’?

    • Several times a day.
    • Only when my spouse says it first.
    • I said it once. If I change my mind I’ll let you know.
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    How often do you go on a date?

    • We have a regular date night. (weekly or monthly)
    • Only on special occasions. Birthday, Valentine Day, Anniversary
    • Who can afford to date with kids at home?
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    How would you complete this sentence? My spouse is my __________.

    • Cross to Bear
    • Lover
    • Best Friend
    • Best Friend, Lover and Partner
    • Partner
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    Talking to your children about marriage, do you…?

    • Tell them how challenging, but worth being married is.
    • Tell them not to marry someone like their dad/mom.
    • Tell them how wonderful being married to their dad/mom is.
    • Tell them never to get married.
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    How often do you make love?

    • Once a year…on our anniversary.
    • Once a month.
    • As often as possible.
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    My spouse and I share our secrets with each other.

    • All the time.
    • Some of the time.
    • Never

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