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    If you were on a bus or on a train and you got the last seat, would you give it up for a disabled or elderly person?

    • Of course not! This is my seat and I’m tired. Someone else should give up their seat
    • Only if no one else offers to stand
    • Absolutely. They need it more than I do
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    Do you offer help and guidance for other people when they are having problems?

    • I will avoid the subject and avoid their issues. It’s none of my business
    • I will tell them a story about myself when I had similar problems
    • Yes I will offer emotional support and advice
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    If a friend asked you to aid them which would take up a couple hours of your time what would you do?

    • They wouldn’t even have to ask
    • Absolutely not my time is valuable and I could be doing other things.
    • I would help but complain constantly and then use it for emotional blackmail in the future
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    Would you put yourself in a dangerous situation to help a stranger?

    • I would help In anyway I could despite putting myself in harms way.
    • Never. I don’t know them so why should I care that happens.
    • I may try and intervene but cautiously and would stop if I thought I may get Hurt
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    You see a homeless young man on the streets begging for change. Would you give him money.

    • Yes because I feel sympathy with him and trust him to be responsible with the money.
    • I would throw him some pocket change even though I could spare more
    • No because he would just use it for drugs and alcohol anyway.
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    Have you ever volunteered or done anything for charity?

    • I volunteer all the time and do what I can for charity.
    • Yes but a long time ago and Donated a couple of times
    • Never because it’s a waste and the people who the money goes to don’t deserve it.
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    If a colleague asked you to cover their shift so they could go attend to a personal emergency, and you had plans would you say yes?

    • Only if my plans could be rearranged and no one else can do it.
    • Yes, immediately. My plans are not important.
    • It’s not my responsibility to cover their shift and they can deal with their emergency in their own time. My plans are more important
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    Do you put others before yourself on a regular basis.

    • I don’t regularly put others before myself as it is not my responsibility to help everyone out. They should help themselves.
    • I put others firstly the time as I enjoy helping people.
    • I put others first when their needs are greater than my own.
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    If you suddenly became a billionaire what would you spend your fortune on?

    • I would dedicate all of it to help people in poverty and provide funding for important life changing research in science and medicine.
    • I would buy huge mansion for myself and spend the rest on luxury items and holidays.
    • I would donate some to charity but keep most of it for myself and my family and friends.
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    Do you think you are selfish?

    • I don’t know, that’s why I’m taking this quiz.
    • Yes and I don’t care.
    • No, I think I’m quite selfless

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