How sexy are you out of 100?



Further Disney also challenged all the previous stereotypes it incorporated in the fairy tales in the trailer of ‘Wreck it Ralph 2’; in which Belle from The Beauty and the Beast was shown as a opinionated lady who is fearless of the beast and nothing like a damsel in distress. Its not us feminism that Disney is focused about but also mental health. The movie ‘Inside Out’ addressed issues of mental health and emotions despite of being a kid’s movie.

Such remarkable characters and with even more yet to come Disney as indeed helped everyone make some beautiful memories which one can cherish no matter how much they grow up

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    When you look in the mirror, what is your first thought?

    • Hey there, gorgeous!
    • My pores are gigantic.
    • I need a spa day.
    • Damn (not in a good way)
  • Question of

    What do you think is your best physical trait?

    • My butt
    • My abs
    • My legs
    • My eyes
    • Other
  • Question of

    Which of these celebrities would you hang out with?

    • Henry Cavill
    • Michael B. Jordan
    • Riz Ahmed
    • Tom Holland
  • Question of

    What’s your favorite first date question?

    • What do you like for breakfast?
    • What’s your zodiac sign?
    • Tell me about your family!
    • What’s your favorite book?
  • Question of

    How would you treat yourself?

    • I would have a spa day.
    • I would go shopping.
    • I would go party with friends.
    • I would travel.
  • Question of

    How would you describe your style?

    • Sexy
    • Chic
    • Casual
    • Hipster
  • Question of

    How much makeup do you wear?

    • A full face
    • Quite a bit
    • It depends on where I am going.
    • Just some lip balm/gloss
  • Question of

    How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

    • Two hours
    • One hour
    • It depends on where I am going.
    • 30 minutes or less
  • Question of

    Which of these online stores would you go shopping on?

    • House of CB
    • Fashion Nova
    • ASOS
    • Amazon
  • Question of

    Which of these words would you use to describe yourself?

    • Gorgeous
    • Hot
    • Cute
    • Pretty
  • Question of

    Do people find you intimidating?

    • Yes
    • Some people do.
    • I don’t think so.
    • No
  • Question of

    What is the reaction of other people when you walk down the street?

    • They catcall​ me.
    • They try to talk to me.
    • They turn their heads.
    • They don’t do anything.
  • Question of

    Have you been asked out by many people?

    • Yes, too many
    • Quite a few
    • I don’t think that it is a lot.
    • No
  • Question of

    How would you like to be asked out?

    • In person
    • With flowers
    • Via text is fine.
    • It doesn’t matter to me.
  • Question of

    Where would you like to be taken to on a date?

    • To a fine​ dining restaurant
    • To a concert or Broadway show
    • To the movies
    • To an amusement park

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