How shallow are you?


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  • Question of

    What is your favourite colour?

    • Purple
    • Black
    • Who cares
    • None of the above
    • Pink
  • Question of

    The toughest decision you’ve ever made?

    • To actually do my work
    • Which outfit to wear
    • These questions
    • None of the above
    • What university/college/6th form to go to
  • Question of

    At School you were… In School you are….

    • A nobody
    • A geek/freak
    • The most popular person
    • I didn’t go to state school
    • In the popular group/desperate to be popular
  • Question of

    When you are older you will be…. As an adult my Job is…

    • A Superstar Model
    • Famous and Rich
    • In a decent Job
    • Something that will benefit others eg teaching/public services
    • Um…work?
  • Question of

    Have you ever been mean/bullied anyone. Answer truly

    • No, bullying is not right
    • Anyone that is below 20 in the social ladder
    • Yeah but only because I hated them
    • I’m the one that’s usually bullied
    • Yeah, they were really mean to my BFF first
  • Question of

    Usual Weekend plans?

    • Major Party (invite only)
    • Do some Work
    • Major Party (all welcomed)
    • Going out meet friends ect.
    • Bed + TV + video games = paradise
  • Question of

    Treating other people….

    • I don’t interact with people so I can’t treat them in any way
    • Suppose I should be nice really
    • Treat others as I would like to be treated
    • As if their Below me
    • Depends who they are
  • Question of

    Thoughts on siblings

    • Only child..yeah
    • I swear SOMETIMES I want to kill them
    • Love them to bits
    • I hate them, their just pain in the back sides
    • They’re okay I suppose
  • Question of

    Why did you take this quiz?

    • I was told to/dared too
    • I gotta prove I’m not shallow
    • Because I was Bored
    • I’m interested in how shallow I am
    • Clicked on Random quiz
  • Question of

    I know I know this is always asked. How helpful was this quiz?

    • Just give me my results
    • Seriously, Everyone asks this
    • Aw what a cute quiz
    • It was Okay

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